Twitter announces verification system for companies, which allows you to add linked accounts

Twitter announces verification system for companies, which allows you to add linked accounts

Madrid, 16 EN. (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter has announced the upcoming launch of ‘Verification for Organizations’, a registry for companies interested in being part of its Blue Edition and with which they can apply to receive a golden badge And this Ability to link accounts on your profile so that they appear affiliated.

twitter blue The platform has a monthly payment option — for now, only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan — that provides early access premium features And who offers the Blue Badge.

As a result of Twitter’s acquisition by Elon Musk, who completed the €44,000 million purchase late last October, this payment option has changed on various occasions and badge meaningwho has acquired other colors As per the characteristics of the accounts.

Initially, the mark was used to identify active, authentic, and public interest accounts that were independently verified by Twitter upon user request. With these modifications, blue badge This can either mean that the account has been verified against those criteria or that the accounts have an active subscription to Twitter Blue.

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To differentiate between some users and others, the social network The color yellow or gold is also included, This is for official organizations and companies such as the media; and grey, For members of the government or ministries.

As soon as these changes were implemented on the platform, the company recorded several cases of users starting to impersonate brand identity and celebrities, a problem that can be remedied by waiving a waiting period for users who create new accounts and wish to use this premium version. Notably, they will have to wait for 90 days to choose Twitter Blue.

With the aim of bringing this authentication system to companies, Twitter is testing a version of Blue for organizations, now known as Twitter Business, that allows users to link accounts to profiles and use them as collaborators. allows it to appear, so that these users are associated Can be distinguished from other profiles hosted by the social network.

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The system, which some companies have already tested, places a gold badge on key accounts and includes a thumbnail of the linked accounts’ profile photos next to the name. this badge, It also serves as a direct access to the profiles of the said users or company.

Twitter has now shared a sign-up sheet so companies can be part of this verification system, “formerly known as Blue for Companies”, it commented in a comment. Post on social networks.

this formula Presents a series of fields along with company data (full name, email address, country, website) Organization size by number of people You employ and the total number of accounts you expect to be listed as an affiliate.

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With this new option, companies will be able to display who their employees and employees really are and will also be verified by the companies themselves as accredited and affiliated accounts.

Once enrolled on this waiting list, companies that subscribe will receive business accounts and membership badges Through the platform’s self-service administrative portal. In addition, Twitter has announced that it will review requests and open access “on an ongoing basis to a limited group over the coming weeks”.


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