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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Twitter’s presence in front of parliamentary panel, this clarification on blocking Amit Shah’s account

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Union Home Minister Amit Shah appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Facebook and Twitter on Twitter after the account was blocked in November. Officials of Facebook and Twitter were questioned as to why they blocked the Union Home Minister Amit Shah account in November.

Members of a committee of Parliament raised the issue of showing an incorrect map of India by the microblogging site in 2020, with the Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s Twitter account being briefly banned.
Parliament’s Standing Committee on Information Technology held separate meetings and questions with representatives of Facebook, Twitter and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on Thursday to protect the rights of citizens, prevent the misuse of social media and the protection of women in the digital world. Done

In a conversation with representatives of Twitter, BJP members present in the committee raised the issue of banning Shah’s account for some time last year.

How did the account of the country’s Home Minister be banned?

Members also questioned the functioning of Twitter to monitor certain facts and wondered how the account of the home minister of a country was banned. To this, Twitter officials responded that they were forced to block the account temporarily due to the copyright case of a posted photo.

Twitter said at the time that due to ‘technical glitch’, Shah’s account was banned for some time and it was rectified immediately. One member said that the committee members also raised the issue of misrepresentation of the Indian map. The meeting was presided over by senior Congress leader and MP Shashi Tharoor.

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