Two active Army colonels held for corruption in military notebook procedures; There are also 12 other prisoners

bunker fiscalia

In the past few hours, in a joint operation between the army, the police and the prosecutor’s office, 14 people, including active and retired military personnel and individuals, were caught who were carrying out activities in the fraudulent processing of military cards and the definition of military . Situation To do this, they reportedly managed to access the army’s internal systems to make modifications.

Judicial sources indicated that the network, apparently composed of active, retired and civilian military personnel, manipulated the Fenix ​​system, a platform for the recruiting sector, to benefit individuals with the processing of military passbooks.

A military source indicated that the network “made modifications and status changes to the Fenix ​​Missionary System in an irregular manner, without supporting documentation to prove the exception to the law and without complying with the system’s state-of-the-art flowchart.” Command of recruitment and control of the National Army Reserve.

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According to sources close to the process, those caught will be presented in the next few hours before Guarantee Control judges, who will decide the legal fate of those involved in the scandal that has rocked the military establishment.


The alleged members of the corruption network have been caught at a time when the army is looking to recruit youth to provide military service. For this reason, “From February 1 to February 25 this year, recruitment to perform military service in the National Army will be open throughout the country. The day, led by Recruiting and Reserve Control Command, will be targeted at men and women ranging in age from 18 years to 24 years of age, through 12 recruitment areas and 60 military districts,” the Army said.

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