Two Algerians arrested for taking boats to Formentera and Ibiza


Agents of the National Police in Ibiza have arrested two citizens of Algerian origin, whose role was that of the captain of the boat and his guide, for the alleged commission of crimes against the rights of foreign nationals and immigration. Illegal.

There were 19 people on board the boat and they had left the city of Bousmail (Algeria) with the intention of reaching the peninsula. Due to the excessive weight of the boat and their efforts to avoid being stopped by the police, 10 of them were forced to abandon the boat on the shore of Formentera Island and the rest continued until they reached the shore.

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The beach of Las Salinas, where they left the boat abandoned and wandered around the city until seven of them were found around the National Police Station, five more of them

Later last Monday two others.

The Immigration Group of the National Police took charge of all of them to complete the return procedures and they were looked after by the Red Cross to check their health status. After agents interrogated the first 10 members of the boat, they learned that they had left the town of Bousmail, located off the coast of Algeria, on the night of February 1 in a rubber boat about five meters high. of great strength and, after about eight hours, they reached the island of Formentera, where they were forced to disembark and wander around the town, until they were found by the Civil Guard and later taken to the island of Ibiza. Went. The boat lacked safety equipment, no life jackets or flares to indicate its location, and no food of any kind.

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Agents managed to identify the boat’s captain and his guide, who had planned to return to Algeria after dropping off the rest of the migrants near the island of Ibiza, but a gasoline miscalculation forced them to reach the beach and proceed further. Couldn’t progress. with

Plan their return.

Both the captain and the guide were among the migrants who reached Las Salinas beach. Each of them paid 8,000 euros for the trip. The alleged criminals were placed at the disposal of the Court

Instructions, agreed to imprisonment without bail. An investigation is ongoing by the National Police to detect and identify criminal groups organizing trips from Algerian coasts.

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