Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Two defectors adorn the balance of Pan American canoeing in Canada

Kekers Reinier Carrera Montegudo and Joel David García González did not return to Cuba at the end of the Pan American Canoe Speed ​​Championship Which took place between August 10 and 12 at Banook Lake in Halifax, Canada.

The information was released by the site. cubliteIn which it is said that the 20-year-old athlete from Villa Claras They were part of a delegation of eight kayakers and five canoeists who represented the island at the event.Looking for tickets to the continental multi-sport games to be held in Santiago de Chile 2023.

In the case of García González, cublite He specifies that he didn’t even competeAs his escape occurred before participating in the K4 at 500 metres, a trial where he was replaced by canoeist José Ramón Pellier.

Incidentally, the Cuban boat entered the final in its qualifying heat.

whereas, The K2-500 had Robert Benitez with Carrera Monteagudo and the boat managed to reach the final A, where he finished sixth.

In addition, they discussed medals in the K1-1000, but then they also anchored on the sixth stage.

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