Two lucky people in Texas have won the lottery jackpot


The Lone Star State Lottery announced that the jackpot from the Texas Two Step drawing on October 12 will be split in two, as two lucky people have matched the winning numbers.

Both people have in their hands a ticket with the numbers 4, 10, 11 and 23, which correspond to the “white balls”, in addition to the number 4, which is the “bonus ball”.

In both cases, luck smiled thanks to the machine that picked the numbers at random.

Where are winning Texas Two Step tickets sold?

One of the winners is a resident of the town of Garland in North Texas. He bought the winning ticket at the Old Town Store, at 509 W. Avenue D, and decided to remain anonymous.

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About 250 miles away, another winning ticket was sold in the city of Houston. The lucky person purchased the ticket at Dean’s, located at 7127 Fannin St., and also chose to remain anonymous.

What is the Texas Two Step jackpot and how much will each of the lucky winners pocket?

The October 12 Texas Two Step drawing offered a jackpot of $2.25 million, with each of the lucky winners pocketing a whopping $1.12 million.

How to play Texas Two Step?

Texas Two Step jackpots start at $200,000, and the amount increases with each drawing until a winner is produced.

Players have a chance to win the jackpot by matching four “white ball” numbers (1 to 35) and one “bonus ball” number (1 to 35).

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The Texas Two Step drawings take place on Monday and Thursday at 10:12 pm CT.

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