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Types of spark plugs; fables and truths

When we are going to do periodic maintenance on our car, also known as “tuning”, one of the most important components are the spark plugs. The compositions are different, with specific calibrations from the factory or calibrations prepared with generic brands and not specifically for our vehicle.

Now we know all this perfectly, but whenever we go to buy spark plugs for our car, in the car parts where we buy these elements, we usually ask ourselves if we are looking for “normal” (copper), platinum. or iridium

The function of all of these is exactly the same: to cause an electric arc (although usually a spark) that ignites the mixture of gasoline and oxygen in our car. But there will never be a lack of someone who will tell you that one or the other works better or even that the song will give you power. Here we will explain everything about the matter, so that you are not caught in a search or vice versa.

Copper spark plug

They are what everyone knows as “normal” or traditional. The conductive element they carry inside is copper, and as you know, this metal is well known for being one of the first materials to resist electricity.

Convenient spark plugs

The two main advantages of copper spark plugs are close proximity. The first of these is the ease of obtaining them, that you will find them either in the spare places in the hidden town or in the largest and most important car dealerships.

Because of this and the number of cars they fit into from the factory, these types of spark plugs are incredibly cheap, so they’ll be your inseparable companions if you’re looking for savings.

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In addition, copper is an element of excellent conductivity for electricity, so it is also the one that will give you a more powerful spark to make your machine work at its best.

Inconvenient copper spark plugs

In most pre-2010 model cars, it was fairly common for the spark plug to be replaced every 10,000 kilometers. It’s no coincidence that all those cars had copper spark plugs.

Copper, although it is the best conductor, suffers faster degradation than other metals when subjected to the most demanding electrical loads and if we remember the high voltages required to start running, the answer is why they had to jump so often. to the light.


And this is where we begin with the stories. Surely someone will tell you that if you put a platinum spark plug in your car, it will be more powerful, faster and more efficient, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In the average car, this turns out to be nothing more than an absurd story that must be strongly disproved, since they have no more conductivity than copper spark plugs, so it means no equity difference in traditional terms. performance

convenient platinum spark plugs

The main advantage of platinum spark plugs, under normal use conditions and with products that do not have manufacturing defects, is of course that they will last much longer than normal copper ones.

In particular, if the copper spark plugs had a useful life of 10,000 kilometers, the platinum ones can extend this extension up to 60,000 kilometers, which makes it a better investment if you plan to last a long time with your car, since their price is not too high. higher than the air.

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Disadvantages of platinum spark plugs

The disadvantages of platinum spark plugs are really few. One thing that would be worth giving, considering that they offer a good life, nothing to complain about. Maybe it’s harder to find something in the small auto stores, but other than that, there are no downsides.


convenient iridium spark plugs

Its main advantage is that under normal conditions they can last up to 80,000 kilometers in good condition and for this reason, opting for the spark plugs of this component does not have to change them for a very long time.

Inconvenient iridium spark plugs

Prices for an iridium spark plug range can be as high as double the price of platinum; But the increase in the operation is not double, so it does not justify the purchase.

What to buy?

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want a very powerful spark to have a better combustion, you should opt for traditional brass and change it every ten thousand kilometers to always maintain the right spark (Nor not song).

If what you want is a spark plug that lasts longer and has good conductivity, platinum is one of the options you are looking for and even if you sacrifice a little power from the spark, if the car is common, it will not make a difference. significant If you have more money and want it to last more kilometers in good condition, buy the Iridium ones.

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