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Thursday, April 15, 2021

‘U array’ of Naxalites, waited for 15 days: hand cut by inspector before murder

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Naxalite attack in Bijapur, Chhattisgarh cost 22 soldiers their lives. The armed forces had received secret information that a large Maoist commander is hiding there, after which they reached the area. In this attack in Bijapur, Naxalites made a ‘U’ shape of the arsenal. Even those ‘secret information’ had been conveyed to the armed forces. After this, as soon as they reached the area, the Maoists spread their net and attacked.

The Maoist attack was led by Madavi Hidma, the notorious commander of the banned battalion number 1 ‘battalion number 1’, which the police have been looking for for many years. He mobilized 300 Naxalites with him and evacuated 3 nearby villages. The jawans were deliberately taken to a forested area. By the time the jawans came to know of it, they were trapped and were not even in the right position geographically.

The place was such that there were hills on both sides and the firing of Maoists was on. The jawans could not run or their counterattack would have much effect. When the soldiers tried to return from there, they were surrounded. Tell us about ‘U Shape Array’ that there is only one place to escape – the path from where you have taken entry. Jeeragaon is surrounded by hills on 3 sides and the returning soldiers were fired upon.

When they started returning from the same path, the Maoists surrounded them. Let us tell you that on the third day of the Mahabharata war, when Bhishma Pitamah together with Duryodhana had created a ‘Garuda’ shaped array, the Pandavas had succeeded in demolishing it by making an ‘U shape’ array. The same ‘U shape’ encounter The soldiers had to face in Bijapur. Madvi Hidma called Naxalites from various areas of Bastar.

His plot was quite old, but the armed forces did not think it appropriate to go into the area for 15 days. He was being stunned because for so many days, the Naxalites were spending so much in the living and ration-water system. On Friday (April 2, 2021), 1700 jawans launched a search operation in Sukma and Bijapur. The campaign started at 11 am and 45 minutes later a group of 450 personnel were returning to their camps from Jonaguda, Jeeragaon and Tekalgudum.

All three villages were already evacuated by the Naxalites. Due to the forests and stones, they are the stronghold of the Naxalites and they were hidden by taking advantage of that. It is also believed that the police-administration underestimated the ability of the Maoists. He was aware of the number of Maoists but did not make a strategic plan. The Naxalites had already done all the practice. The soldiers leading the team were attacked more often.

Field commanders were targeted. Field commanders of CRPF Cobra and ‘District Reserve Guard (DRG)’ were targeted. The Maoists were agitated by the Chhattisgarh Police’s decision to set up a camp in Silger village. With the formation of this camp, the ‘safe route’ of Maoists between Bijapur and Sukma would be over. An annual operation against Naxalites is conducted every year from March to July.

31 soldiers have been injured in this attack and many are still said to be missing. A contingent of Maoists hand over an inspector before killing him Cut off And then looted the weapon and escaped. They also looted bulletproof jackets and guns. Some soldiers were sacrificed due to dehydration. The bodies of about one and a half dozen Naxalites have also been found. Union Home Minister Amit Shah left the election campaign in Assam and returned to Delhi and held meetings.

Madavi Hidma is about 40 years old. He hails from Purvarti village in Sukma district. He became a Naxalite in the 90s. Naxal commander Madavi Hidma is known by many names. For example, Santhosh alias Indmul alias Podiyam Bhima. It is said that the police of several Naxal-affected states, including the Chhattisgarh police, are on the lookout for this most wanted Naxalite. Hidma People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGa) is the head of battalion number 1 and is known to carry out such deadly attacks.

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