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Monday, March 1, 2021

Udaipur: Easy way to go to Neelkantheshwar, removed encroachment

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The way to reach the ancient Neelkantheshwar temple in Udaipur, Madhya Pradesh, is now steadily getting better, as construction work has gained momentum. The road which was only 10 feet till 2 weeks ago has now become 30 feet. Not only the administration, but also the local people showed great interest and contributed in making the route smooth. People willingly dug their houses 10-15 feet and gave way to road and drain.

Start work for the width of the path

Meanwhile, the business of the people was also affected, but he made it clear that development work is first and there will be no hindrance in it. Udaipur Palace has also been encroached by the administration. After this, the work of widening of roads up to Neelkantheshwar temple was started. All the occupiers there, the administration explained to everyone to leave the encroached places themselves. However, no house was broken.

People broke the encroachments on the road itself

In ‘magazine’ Published news According to it, some people had already given their consent in writing to the administration and some decided it in a meeting with Naib Tehsildar Daujiram Ahirwar in the temple premises. A statement has been given by one Mohammad Hamid, who said that 15 feet has been given in lieu of seeking 10 feet of administration. He said that all are striving for better development of Udaipur.

Local citizens gave full support to the administration

The effort of the administration is to complete all the works by Mahashivratri, so that the devotees go to see Mahadev through the newly accessible route. Excavation for drains is on and soon new drains and roads will start appearing here. Authorities visited the area many times before and the importance of law to the people Explaining There was an appeal to remove the encroachment. It was also asked to maintain community peace.

The road, which was once only 10 feet wide, has now become quite wide.

Udaipur is an ancient city about 70 km from Vidisha city of Madhya Pradesh. In this colony of eight thousand population, buildings of thousand-twelve hundred years are still left to a great extent. There are wall-doors, temples, palaces, ponds, steps, rooms, walls and streets as per the architecture of the Parmar dynasty. The fame of this place is from the Neelkantheshwara Temple, which was built by Maharaj Udayaditya in the later generation of King Bhoja.

Neelkantheshwar temple can be seen from far away due to removal of encroachment

Let me tell you that one wall of the palace was broken and a cement and iron door was installed and a sign board was hung on the old wall – ‘Private property, Udaipur Palace, Khasra No-822, Ward No-14.’ The names of Qazi Syed Irfan Ali, Mehboob Ali and Ahmed Ali were written on it.

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