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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Uddhav government not removing illegal encroachment of Bangladeshis despite hundreds of complaints: Navi Mumbai occupies four places

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Hundreds concerning illegal occupation of Bangladeshi migrants in Sanpada region of Navi Mumbai Complaints Even after doing this, no action of any kind is being taken by Navi Mumbai Municipality. The person complaining about the occupation of Bangladeshis has accused the Navi Mumbai Municipality of negligence. It is being said that despite hundreds of complaints, the Uddhav government is not taking any action on the illegal encroachment of Bangladeshis.

Twitter user Krishna had filed a complaint in the Navi Mumbai Municipality last year regarding the illegal occupation of Bangladeshis in Sanpada. In this complaint, photographs and visuals related to illegal slums and occupation made by Bangladeshis were shared. Krishna had demanded the removal of that illegal possession from the municipality.

There are at least four places in Sanpada where Bangladeshis are illegally occupied. These places are, 1. Saffron Solitaire, Plot 88, 5, Sector 19, 2. Shiv Darshan Apartment, Sant Dnyaneshwar Road Sector 16, 3. Jaipurier School, 4. MSEDL Sonkhar Substation. These places are illegally occupied by Bangladeshis.

According to the complainant, Navi Mumbai Municipal Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar took this complaint into consideration but whenever an attempt was made to know the status of action taken on the complaint, the complainant was told that action was being taken. However, the illegal occupation of Bangladeshis remains even months after the complaint was lodged in the municipality.

Krishna attempted to contact Abhijeet Bangar, Commissioner of Navi Mumbai Municipality several times. He wrote several emails, letters and twitter posts but could not get any contact with Abhijeet. According to Krishna, he also tried to contact Commissioner Bangar’s office but got the same reply that the matter has been taken forward for appropriate action but no action has been taken so far.

No action taken by Navi Mumbai Municipality: Complainant

When Opindia looked at Twitter user Krishna’s account, several messages written to the municipal commissioner, responsible organization and officials were seen. Complainant Krishna has been continuously writing about the illegal encroachment of Bangladeshis on Twitter and has been asking about the status of action. After seeking action almost 100 times, the same reply was received that the matter has been transferred to the concerned tribunals and appropriate action is being taken. After seeing no hope of action, the complainant also apprised the Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Office and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri about the matter, but even then the responsible officials of the municipality did not take any action.

More than 100 emails have been written by the complainant to Commissioner Abhijeet Bangar to remove illegal encroachment of Bangladeshis.

The complainant claims that Commissioner Vijayar’s PA Vijay is familiar with the entire matter and has assured action on it several times but even then no action has been taken against these illegal Bangladeshi encroachers. After hanging the case for months, the municipal authorities overhauled the matter and advised the complainant to remove the encroachment through CIDCO as the Bangladeshi encroachers occupy the land of CIDCO.

Ultimately, the Navi Mumbai Municipality authorities cleared up the matter and asked the complainant to contact CIDCO.

Despite working with the CIDCO to remove the possession by the municipality, Vijay insisted on filing the complaint with the complainant before the CIDCO. On this, the complainant requested Vijay to say the same thing in writing but so far no contact has been made with the Municipality of Navi Mumbai.

Complainant Krishna continued to receive false hopes of action even after calling the officials responsible for the removal of illegal encroachment for months, writing emails and raising the issue on Twitter. Krishna has claimed that Commissioner Bangar transferred his grievances to his Deputy Commissioner Amrish Patinigere but never expressed a desire to remove the encroachment.

It is worth noting here that Patinigere has been accused of rigging the Civic Fund in 2010. Several officers of Navi Mumbai Municipality including Patinigere, HB Bhise & Co. Has been charged with additional payment of Rs. 1.38 crores. Navi Mumbai Municipality by HB Bhise & Co. Was given the contract to destroy the illegal encroachments.

However, after seeing the Twitter posts of complainant Krishna, a journalist contacted Commissioner Bangar to get information regarding the case. On this, Commissioner Bangar clearly said that he has not received a written complaint in this matter yet.

Opindia also attempted to contact Commissioner Bangar and his department based on the complainant’s claims. However, after several attempts, he has not been contacted. Constant reply is being received from the office of Commissioner Bangar that the commissioner is busy in the meeting. This report will be updated once they are contacted.

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