UK lawmakers are voting to verify Johnson’s lies

LONDON ( Associated Press) – British lawyers could be ordered on Thursday to investigate Prime Minister Boris Johnson for allegedly violating Korona virus restrictions by attending illegal meetings during the outbreak.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will call for a new House of Representatives. It is expected that the ministers who deliberately misled the parliament will resign.

Johnson’s Conservatives have a strong voice in parliament, but many are unhappy with the PM’s behavior and may support the opposition. The government initially said it had instructed Conservative lawmakers to oppose Labor’s demand, but later backtracked on the party’s turmoil and gave them a free vote – greatly increasing its chances of passing.

According to Labor leader Kay Starrmer, his actions are a testament to the “simple principle of honesty, integrity and honesty in our politics.”

Johnson was not on the ballot in a scandal that rocked the leadership of the country and the Conservative Party. It was 4,000 miles (6,400 km) in India. He stressed that he wanted to “keep working” to lead the country.

Johnson was punished 50 50 ($ 66) Police at a birthday party in his office last week in June 2020, barred people in Britain from meeting friends and family, and even visiting dead relatives. Johnson was the first British prime minister to be found guilty of violating the law.

He apologizedBut he knowingly denied the allegations. Johnson’s defense – saying there were no illegal meetings in the beginning and saying “it didn’t happen to me” at his birthday party – sparked ridicule and outrage among protesters, who asked him to stop.

It has made it difficult for some conservatives to defend a leader who has violated the law. So far, many have speculated that the May 5 general election will turn into a nightmare for the party.

Senior Civil Servant Su Gray is investigating 16 events, including the “Bring Your Own Drink” office party and “Vintage Friday” at the Johnson 10 Downing Center office and other government buildings. Police are investigating dozens of incidents, and Johnson, his wife, Carrie, and treasurer Rishi Sunak and Johnson are still awaiting further police punishment.

Johnson, who deliberately misled parliament, once again focused on boosting economic ties during a two-day visit to India.

And He urges that in 2024, he will lead the Conservatives to the next general election. He boarded the plane and landed in Gujarat, West India, where he said: I can’t think of them now. ”



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