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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Ukraine: Bank data hack of many European countries including US, loss of billions of dollars

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At present, almost every country in the world is worried about Hacking, through which the biggest crimes are being carried out. Something similar has been seen in Ukraine, where a large hacking group has been busted. Ukraine officials say they have discovered a group of hackers who have stolen data from banks located in Britain, the United States and European countries.

This has caused a loss of about $ 2.5 billion to the banks. The Prosecutor General says that this group of hackers has been found in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city. A statement said the hackers had stolen payment data and passwords from private and state-run banks in the US, Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Britain, Switzerland and Lithuania.

The challenge of data security in front of banks

The officials have not given the name of the banks or more information related to it. Nor has it been said whether a suspect has been arrested or not. Ukraine officials are cooperating with the US police and European police in the case. But such a large hacking has increased everyone’s concern. Due to this, customers are worried that at the same time a big challenge has arisen in front of banks to keep their data secure.

Police started investigation

Police has started investigating the case. It is expected that the accused will be caught soon. No statement has been issued in the case on behalf of the banks, nor has the police of the countries concerned said anything. However, Ukraine has expressed its activeness in the matter and has given all kinds of cooperation.

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