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Ukraine could use Leopards for a spring offensive if they arrive in time

After weeks of doubt, Germany has stepped up and is moving Leopard tanks to Ukraine, as well as allowing other countries to do the same. America will also send 31 Abrams tanks, If both the tanks and the training to operate them arrived in time, Kyiv would be able to use these tanks to launch an offensive in the spring.

Leopards in particular, since the logistics chain for their shipments is shorter (several European countries have them, including Spain) and they use more economical fuel (diesel, while Abrams, which work with turbines, use jet fuel. ) are used.

Sending tanks won’t decide the war, but they could make things difficult for Russia.

300 tanks for spring-summer offensive

The war in Ukraine is currently in a stalemate. The winter conditions, the defensive position of most of the Russian armies located on the east bank of the Dnieper, and the attrition of Ukrainian troops reduced the front to almost Bajmut, in the Donetsk region. There have been some of the biggest battles in recent weeks, with a high cost of lives, but with advances of only a few hundred metres.

Kyiv fears that Moscow is preparing a new mass mobilization (The Defense Ministry has set a goal of increasing its armed forces to 1.5 million soldiers), while Ukraine seeks to continue recovering territory. both claimants could Take advantage of spring and early summer to take the initiative, It was at that time that the Leopard and Abrams cars could play their part.

Can German tanks change the course of the war, claims Zelensky?

“The Russians are preparing for a new mobilization, and the Ukrainians are facing a fairly consolidated position of the Russian army in the occupied territories,” he recalls. rafael necklaceIn another interview on RNE, coordinator of pan-European data projects of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

“The recent fighting in Bakhmut and Soledar has been intense and costly for the Ukrainian army. To lead new offensives and liberate the occupied territories, Ukraine needs main battle tanks to improve its mobile defense and offensive maneuvers“, add.

In addition, Ukraine is running out of ammunition and spare parts the soviet tank you’ve been using so farmainly T-72, “If you help Ukraine you can only guarantee the supply of ammunition, spare parts and replacement vehicles Transition from Soviet-made material to standard, Western-made equipmentFrom NATO”, emphasizes the loss. This has already happened with artillery: today Ukrainians use Western howitzers and rockets.

Francisco Gan PampolA lieutenant general in the Army Reserve believes that “for decisive actionbreakdown of a front” at least three brigades are needed, which means About 300 battle tanks.

However, tanks do not fight alone, soldiers recall, but are integrated into larger armored or mechanized formations. “They need mechanized infantry, i.e. protected infantry, preferably in chained vehicles; combat sappers; self-propelled field artillery; anti-aircraft artillery; highly sophisticated logistics, as it is necessary to supply everything the tank consumes and maintains.” Is for. Tanks are useful, they’re cutting edge, they’re precise and powerful, but they require very delicate treatment“, declared Gana Pampol in Las Manas of RNE.

Las Mañanas de RNE with Íñigo Alfonso – Germany approves shipment of Leopard 2 to Ukraine: what are these cars like and what are the implications? – listen now

Problems: Training, Supply and Production

One of the big problems would be maintenance, the other would be crew training,

“Aiming and shooting are exceptional, the cannon is stable (…) but You need many shots in the simulator and in live, which makes the shooter believable – explains Gan Pampol – then he needs a tank commander with communications that allow him to link up with other tanks in his section (…) and manage the positioning system so that the units themselves do not shoot at them Run it “Without a doubt, they have to give instructions for a long time, it doesn’t get resolved in a week”, he explains.

As if this was not enough, cars need aerial coveragebecause they are vulnerable to this type of attack, and arms and ammunition,

“Los NATO countries are not very endowed with ammunitionBecause we come from a time when cars had lost their importance”, emphasizes the soldier.

“as well, You have to keep pace with western industry – Raphael suggests Loss – to increase production of all supplies and perhaps spawn new Leopards. Unlike the British Challenger or the French Leclerc, the Leopard 2 is still under construction. Germany and other countries must convince industry that it makes sense to continue investing in the production of these vehicles. It’s a monumental effort, requiring a lot of political will,

Harm believes that if aid is part of an “ambitious package” (training, logistics, industrial commitment), Ukraine will be able to use the cars in April, May or JuneAlso Russian mobilization is expected. “If they come later, it will be difficult for Ukraine to use them and make them decisive in 2023,” he warned.

Russia’s response is awaited

Russia has threatened on several occasions to ship more weapons to Ukraine, and tanks in particular, can cause an increase,

Christina ManzanoEsglobal’s director, admits it has weighed on the doubts of the German government “fear of retaliation“Everyone is cautious about how Russia might react to this decision, there have been reactions to each new development,” Manzano explained on TVE’s La Hora de la 1.

The director of Esglobal said, “Germany did not want to appear as a country making unilateral decisions, and is pressuring the US to send its tanks as well.”

The decision “contributes to strengthening the morale of the people of Ukraine” and “is a reinforcement of unity, a message of unity in the face of a Russia determined to find a way to divide,” Manzano believed.

The dispatch of the tanks is therefore of symbolic importance: it seals the commitment of Ukraine’s European allies to continue military support for a long war of attritionwhere the ability to produce weapons will be as important as the development of operations.

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