Ukraine war: the politicians of Putin’s homeland are against the war

Local politicians in Vladimir Putin’s hometown want him removed from office because of the Ukraine war. You have moved the motion in Parliament.


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  • Ten council members in Putin’s hometown want to accuse him of high treason.
  • He presented a related application to the Russian parliament this week.
  • With this open protest, they are walking on thin ice.

Vladimir Putin and his regime are cracking down on those who think differently. Opposition figures like Alexis Navalny have been in jail for years and fear for their lives.

This is even more surprising, with which local politicians from Putin’s hometown of Smolinskoye came to the Russian parliament. They are demanding that Vladimir Putin be charged with treason and removed from office.

His justification: Putin has put the country in an unbearable position with the Ukraine war. Ten members of the council warned, “Young, able-bodied citizens die and become crippled.”

More than six months ago, Russian troops invaded Ukraine – the Ukraine War began. Since then, there have been countless deaths on both sides, and many Ukrainians have fled the country.

Ukraine war: sanctions hit Russia

The effects are also noticeable in Russia, particularly economically. Many Western companies have left the country, and restrictions have been placed on the economy. That is why ten council members submitted applications to the Russian Parliament Duma.

Do you think Putin will be in power for a long time?

“It is very important to show that there are people who [mit dem Krieg] Disagree.” Nikita Yuferev, one of the members of the council, said this when submitting the application.

How and how Parliament will react to this is not yet known. But it could be dangerous for local politicians: Yuferev a little later shared a message on Twitter. In this he is asked to report to the police for “defaming the government”.

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