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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Under this scheme, the government gives salary for three months on leaving the job, know all the things related to it

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The Union Labor Ministry has provided an insurance scheme for low-income employees working in private companies, factories and factories. The name of this scheme is Employee State Insurance (ESIC) scheme and under this one has to go to ESI dispensary or hospital to avail free treatment. Presently, health services for IPs of ESIC are fully available in 387 districts and partially in 187 districts. The benefit of ESIC is available to employees whose monthly income is Rs 21,000 or less. However, in case of PwDs, the income limit is Rs 25,000. Let’s know about this scheme and its benefits…

Employees and employers both contribute to this central government scheme. At present, 0.75% of the employee’s salary is contributed by ESIC and 3.25% by the employer. Employees whose average salary is Rs 137 per day, they do not have to contribute.

Important benefits to employees covered under this scheme

medical benefits- In ESI, the insured and dependent family members get medical benefits.

Sickness benefitThe ESIC insured is paid a cash of 91 days for the leave during sickness.

Maternity benefit During ESIC maternity leave, up to 26 weeks in delivery, up to 6 weeks in case of abortion, commissioning mother or adoptive mother is paid 100 per cent of the average daily salary for 12 weeks.

Disability benefits- In the case of temporary disability, the ESIC pays a monthly pension continuously throughout the life till the injury is cured and in the case of permanent disability.

Unemployment allowance- If an insured becomes permanently disabled due to any loss or injury other than employment, then he gets a cash monthly allowance for a period of 24 months.

Funeral expenses ESIC is useful even after the death of the employee. 15,000 for the funeral from ESIC.

Who conducts

Presently, ESIC has 151 hospitals across the country. These hospitals have the facility of treatment of general to serious diseases. The scheme is administered by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC). All companies and establishments come under the purview of ESI, where there are 10 or more employees. But establishments with 20 or more employees in Maharashtra and Chandigarh are covered under this scheme.

The unemployed person can avail this allowance for a maximum period of three months and can claim 50% of the average salary. Earlier this limit was 25 percent. Another rule has been changed. It can be availed 30 days after being unemployed. Registration for ESIC is done by the employer. For this, the employee has to give information about family members.

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