Understand scabies, a skin disease in the collective environment that innocent residents should be wary of

NGANJUK – An invitation to keep the environment clean to prevent the transmission of scabies or more commonly called scabies/scabies, was initiated by the Community Health Center (Puskesmas) in Nganjuk Regency. This is because this disease arises due to lack of cleanliness in the surrounding environment.

Scabies disease or scabies is a skin disease that usually occurs in places where many people live or occurs collectively, said Dr. Ifa Susiana, Nganjuk Regency, Baron Health Centre.

Where cleanliness is always neglected in these places, due to which the disease of scabies comes to the fore and spreads easily to each other.

In a talk show on Radio Sura Anjuk, Ifa said, “Itch disease is a skin disease commonly present in those living in dormitories, Islamic boarding schools, nursing homes, prisons and others. The cause is flea/mite and it The disease is contagious.” Ladang Regency Government Nganjuk, Friday (16/9/2022).

Ifa said, symptoms caused by scabies include itching between the fingers, forearms, under the breast area, in the navel area or in the groin area. These mites or lice are able to nest under the human epidermis and absorb food from humans. If not treated promptly, it can put you at risk of secondary infection.

According to Ifa, it is always advisable to maintain cleanliness both inside and outside the house to avoid illness. “Especially if you live with multiple people, you have to be extra careful in maintaining cleanliness because it is very important,” Ifa said.

In addition, Ifa said, it is also necessary to clean nearby objects, such as blankets and towels, by soaking them in hot water before washing.

Then if you have already been exposed to scabies or scabies, the patient can directly come to the nearest health facility for consultation and treatment. “Please, the public can come directly to the nearest health facility and the patient can be guided on how to handle the scabies disease,” he explained. ,


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