United Kingdom: ABP presents master plan for decarbonized development at the Port of Newport

United Kingdom: ABP presents master plan for decarbonized development at the Port of Newport

Associated British Ports (ABP) announced its plans for the Port of Newport, Which will help usher in a new era of green development for the port and the city.

ABP’s plans are energy-centric and focus on harnessing wind and solar sources, which will eventually be linked to hydrogen electrolysis and e-fuel manufacturing plants.

These facilities, along with heat and carbon capture networks, will support next-generation manufacturing and logistics, attracting a new group of companies looking to future-proof their operations. The development will also be linked to low-carbon rail and maritime logistics and is expected to create hundreds of highly productive jobs in the clean growth hub that will result in Newport.

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While the plan includes innovations that aim to help companies prepare for the future and meet net zero targets, the classic port role will remain. This means ABP will also invest in reconfigured access, new cargo handling equipment, high efficiency storage and turnkey development sites – all with state-of-the-art IT.

Ashley Curnow, Divisional Director of Ports at ABP, commented that “This master plan is a bold step towards a sustainable future. “Newport has a history of regeneration and now we are embarking on a journey that will position both the port and the City of Newport as a key player in the development towards a decarbonised economy.”

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“The master plan anticipates a decade-long investment boom, and ABP’s investment will help us deliver excellent service to customers, while also delivering on ABP’s commitment as set out in our sustainability strategy, Ready for Tomorrow So that our own operations can be brought on the net. zero emission. 2040,” the executive added.

The master plan outlines three main objectives, which are to create a prosperous and decarbonized industrial logistics port that is a hub for clean growth and well-being for current and future generations.


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