United Kingdom imposes sanctions on four entities linked to “serious human rights violations” in Burma

United Kingdom imposes sanctions on four entities linked to

British authorities have imposed new sanctions against four entities allegedly involved in the “commission of serious human rights violations” in Burma this Thursday, an announcement that coincides with the third anniversary of the February 1, 2021 coup in the country. Asian.

Those sanctioned – all of their assets will be confiscated – include two infantry brigades of the Burmese armed forces and two mining companies. According to a statement from the United Kingdom government, the 101st Light Infantry Brigade has been singled out for being “responsible for activities that violate the right to life, liberty and security of people in Burma”.

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Thus, they have accused this infantry division of carrying out arbitrary arrests, detentions and enforced disappearances. In addition to using violence “for political, ethnic, religious reasons, on the basis of gender or sexual orientation”, “they are responsible for undermining the right of people not to be subjected to torture or degrading, cruel and inhuman treatment”. , collects text.

In the case of the second sanctioned brigade, London clarified that they were linked to similar violations that led to “the implementation of a systematic plan involving excessive and deadly use of force to kill protesters and attack freedom of expression.” Use is included.” Internet shut down during protests in Bago against the coup.

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Similarly, the government reported that the two affected mining companies had engaged in acts of “repression” against the Burmese civilian population by “doing business” with the country’s armed forces and “providing or facilitating access to financial services.” . The funds or economic resources that can contribute to these activities are shown above.