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university. UNGS: With a loss of 200 million, the management discusses the adjustment budget

The budget being discussed in the budgetary commission of the university has as a general outline the economic situation the country is going through, i.e. due to the strong adjustments of the Frente de Todos and the right-wing opposition to meet the IMF targets. applying. Year after year, since the Macri government in 2018, the university’s budget is being adjusted. Officials inform that the situation is dire: UNGS has an accumulated deficit of $200,000,000.

The national budget for universities will be cut by at least 10% in real terms in 2023 compared to 2022. This is the result of considering the 60% inflation projection that Sergio Massa has set in next year’s bill. However, the BCRA is estimated to be 85%, hence, in this case, the amount of adjustment will be 22%.

At UNGS, the management itself considers this national scenario in a document that the Office of the Rector prepared to deal with the budget, called the “Guidelines for the Preparation of the Annual Plan”. In it, it is assumed that education will be cut by 10% in real terms, but at no point is it mentioned that this cut in public spending on education is due to a sharp increase to pay off foreign debt and the IMF. It’s getting deeper. The decision taken by the government of the Frente de Todos, and that being fully functional the rectory supports itself. The management, which transfers and implements the adjustments in the university, wants to discuss in committees behind closed doors and behind the backs of the students how to distribute this misery.

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Changes to the annual budget. The data obtained in the document presented by the rectorate for the discussion on the 2023 budget.

As can be seen in the graph, the budget cut for UNGS adds up to 49% of deposits in the last six years. In other words, the 2023 budget is, at the end of the year, the equivalent of 49% less than in 2017. A figure much higher than the national average, which would be 42% over the same period.

The base budget for UNGS for 2023 is expected to increase marginally by 109% with respect to 2022. It is said that the budget is intended to repair the damage caused by very high inflation this year. However, this is estimated based on 60% inflation, which is completely unrealistic; Following the tone of the budget presented by Massa in line with the IMF. In this scenario, the year-on-year loss would be 8%, but based on inflation estimated by the BCRA at 85%, somewhat closer to reality, the loss in purchasing power would be 34% year-on-year. Nothing to get back what was lost. This represents a brutal fit.

Variaciion Presupuesto 2023 Cbcd6

Significantly, the rectors grouped into the National Inter-University Council (CIN) lent their support to Massa’s 2023 budget, a proposal that adjusts public spending in various sectors such as health, education, the environment and so on. social item, and that it was designed by the IMF to meet the goals they themselves sought in the US. By accepting the national budget without rejecting the adjustments, not even mentioning the adjustments in the universities, the management itself plays the part of creating the narrative of Peronism that the only thing we can do is to accept the suffering of the possible. Resign to

As seen in recent years, as a result of the adjustment, various problems began to appear, such as quotas in subjects that restrict access to education and prolong years of study, fewer academic offers and fewer time slots. , Salary of teachers which is badly affected by inflation, Scholarships which are not adequate, Deteriorating condition of building, etc. All this means thousands of children are forced to drop out and are forced out of the university system. Of course, deepening the adjustment on the basis of the budget deficit means that all these problems get compounded.

Companions and accomplices of the adjustment …

In the University, as we mentioned earlier, the adjustment takes place centrally thanks to the support of the Rectory which approves a budget less than the projected annual inflation from year to year in the Superior Council. These are the same officials who run the universities, they have privileged salaries, well above those of any activist, and they are connected and aligned with the state and government policies of the Frente de Todos, which they claim and Even being a part of it. We must remember that Dicker, being Rector of UNGS, took over as Secretary of the Ministry of Education, or former Rector Eduardo Rinesi, who was part of the AFSCA under the previous CFK government. A caste that rules according to its personal and political interests.

In co-operative places where the future of our university is defined, students are the minority, that is, we do not have the power to decide or veto any legislation that has to be approved. Being, paradoxically, the majority of the academic community.

In these places, the councilors who are part of El Puente and FUNYP, and who have presided over the student center since 2019, have already repeatedly reduced budgets due to functional adjustments. These same groups are linked to the national government, for example, the group El Puente Peronista Youth (JP), which is part of the Buenos Aires PJ, directed by Leonardo Nardini (the province’s current minister of infrastructure) in Malvinas. . , That is why in running the center they have not called any meeting so that we can organize and discuss how to cope with the adjustments that will be upon us and our education.

In the face of this brutal cutback that threatens public education, what is the current leadership of Student Center, El Puente, and FUNYP going to do? Will they continue to be part of the adjustment that your government implements? Yet he hasn’t mentioned a word in the budget committee debate examples, nor has he called on students to debate the general guidelines that a strong cut is based on.

let’s protect public education

In the face of adjustment progress in our education, the path is self-organization as demonstrated by tire workers, and recently residents have struggled to improve their wages. The students have also given small samples that the organization is the way: from the assembly on topics against quotas to the commission for women and diversities that was formed to fight for buses to travel to the multinational meeting. Also students from careers such as political economy have organized to win their own transport for their study trip.

If we want to begin a real defense of public education, it is necessary to resume this path and the organizational tradition of the student movement at UNGS. This is why we publicly call on all Left organizations, especially those with whom we share FEI units, and independents, and student representatives from various careers who face budget cuts, to attend a meeting. Where do we begin Let’s discuss how we organized to protect public education and our living conditions.

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