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Unlock Your Room’s Potential: The Great Locked Vs. Open Closet Door Argument

Having a bedroom is a big dream of many, but lack of space does not always make it possible. when it is done, there is a wardrobe in the room. It usually has doors. Even the most spacious rooms can have shelves and satellites secured by valves. But in any case, which is better, an open or a closed cupboard?

Or a choice of advantages and disadvantages. Choosing carefully is important, especially when it comes to a small room. But the size of the room is not the only issue to be considered. If in doubt, note. We will explain their differences and when it is better to opt for closed doors or a cupboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of open wardrobes in the bedroom

Or it may not be the most, but it is true that it also has benefits. The biggest advantage of open storage is that they are visually much lighter. It means that it is the best solution in the rooms, even more so if they blend the wall, that is, if they are of the same color. In the dressing rooms, it is undoubtedly very comfortable.

A room without doors

Another interesting advantage is the system. On the other hand, there is no need to open the door to an empty space. In sliding doors, that space is essential. It is left attached, but with them you will never be able to see the interior of the room. Therefore, there is another issue that should be evaluated in small rooms.

And one last advantage is that open stores are very versatile, and are usually custom designed according to your needs. But in general, the clothes are modular, which means that it is easier to modify their distribution if more guards or companions are needed.

Inconvenient open storage

Of course, open rooms have some major drawbacks. The first is that, since they do not have doors, it is easier for dust to accumulate in them, forcing them to cover with a cover or less used clothing. It hinders others greatly. For disorganized people, it is not the best choice, because it requires a cupboard without doors so that everything is perfectly placed.

Advantages and disadvantages of closed storage

The disadvantages of open storage become advantages when we choose a closed one. This is to say: the clothes are much more protected from dust and dirt and since their interior is hidden, it is not necessary to place the clothes with millimeter precision so that the message does not show.

White closed box

But this type of storage provides another added benefit. For example, they allow you to greatly optimize space. Losing the decorative factor that has openings, drawers or shelves can be used for more. On the other hand, the doors can be with any appearance that adds elegance or personality to the interior of the room.

Inconvenient closed storage

The big problem with closed storage is opening the space for the door. Doors are much more functional, but in small rooms there is not always space to open them. The solution is to choose more and smaller doors or sliding doors and, in any case, access to everything that is stored in the closet is limited.

Another disadvantage is that a closed closet can make the room lose its visual width, an important issue in smaller rooms. And here it must be added that the price of the manufacture of a closed box is usually much higher, always depending on the limit of the doors chosen and also on the quality of the material.

Ideas for closed closets in small apartments

Despite its disadvantages, the size of the room should not prevent the placement of a closed room. Simply, you need to choose the right type of dress and have all your comforts, if you don’t feel the dress is too open:

  • Custom cabinets are always the best solution in small rooms. They allow to accommodate even the smallest spaces. It is possible to draw a narrow bottom of the box with satellites.
  • Another possibility is to play with an intermediate solution between open and closed wardrobes, that is, glazed glass doors that show the interior. They don’t need to be made of glass at all, they can simply have panels.
  • So that the dress is not too visually heavy, you can always choose the doors in the same color as the walls. If he ignores it, his effect will be milder.
  • In small rooms, mirrored cabinet doors are a good choice. On the one hand, they multiply the space and on the other they reflect the light, another trick to make the rooms appear larger.
  • With these tips, it will be much easier for you to choose that wardrobe that you really need and that, at the level of decoration, best suits your room. As you can see, functionality and aesthetics can be combined and have a wardrobe that would be the envy of any living room.

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