UNNE and 113 other UTN students receive cards from the Build the Future program

UNNE and 113 other UTN students receive cards from the Build the Future program

Kapitanich made this new delivery of the Tuya card, which served with credit for the acquisition of books, materials, and photocopies, among other supplies.

Governor George Capitanich participated in a new delivery of Yours Building the Future cards to 113 students from the National University of the Northeast (UNNE) and the National Technological University (UTN) this Friday. The governor assured the students, “More education means better jobs in the future, better pay and better welfare.”

Delivery is made throughout the province within the framework of financial aid of 60 thousand pesos per year to accompany university level students in their educational trajectory. The card acts like a credit card that can be used at Nuevo Banco del Chaco (NBCH)’s Tuya Card affiliated businesses to purchase materials, books, stationery and other supplies.

Capitanich reiterated the importance of supporting university education and the actions promoted by the provincial government in this regard. “We promote internship programs, initiation and postgraduate scholarships, we reach up to 1,500 students with university dining halls and we provide student residences, of which there are already 600 in the province,” he explained.

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Thus, the President appreciated the CARD initiative and its impact on the university path of the students. “It allows not only support but greater access at the university level. It is expanding rights, because students need food, material, a place to sleep and the province needs qualified professionals for the future,” he said.

The program is aimed at male and female students up to the age of 35 who are studying in one of the public Chaco universities (UNNE, UTN and UNCAUS) or in one of the UNNE offices in the province of Corrientes. The single amount available is used for printing, photocopying, notes and booklets, which are essential to university life.

The event was held at the University Reform Hall of the Faculty of Engineering of the UNNE, and was attended by the Minister of Planning, Economy and Infrastructure, Santiago Pérez Ponce, and the Minister of Education, Aldo Linares; UNNE Vice Rector, José Basterra; Mario De Bortoli, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of UNNE; Dean of Humanities, Graciela Guarino; among other university authorities.

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Policies for Chaco Youth

Minister Pérez Ponce recalled that Building the Future is a policy that was launched earlier this year and was born from youth requests for financial assistance to support the expenses needed to attend university . He stressed, “We consolidated a political decision of Governor Capitanich and today we have over 3,000 students who have benefited from building the future.”

Similarly, the minister announced that the registration for the program will re-open from July 10. “It is the government’s decision to support the future professionals who claim their efforts on this path. The minister said, we have three main policies which are with the students of the university and we will continue to work to move forward on this path.

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Minister Aldo Linares said: “We want to pay attention to all educational levels, in this case the higher level has to be told with one detail and that is that the national universities are federal territories, and each university has its own scholarship. Therefore, now the Chacko government is supporting the study funding project, considering the diversity of careers and other fields, it is unprecedented.

Lineras stressed that “Chaco is one of the provinces that with its budget pays attention to the issues of university education and higher education.” “The advantage of a university degree is not only personal, because we cannot build a country without engineers, doctors, lawyers, architects, teachers, professionals, scientists, researchers; it gives our country the possibility of a sovereign policy “, Said Emphatically.


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