Unreleased images show what the Sun would look like through Venus’s toxic clouds

Unreleased images show what the Sun would look like through Venus's toxic clouds - Metro Ecuador

We live in a solar system with a star at its center. We all know how the Sun looks from Earth. However, the presence of the celestial body, the engine of our energy, varies according to the atmospheres of other planets in the neighborhood of the same galaxy.

That’s why, in this review, we are going to talk about what the Sun looks like if we look at it from the inside of Venus, taking into account the toxic clouds of this planet.

The images we show you in this review are illustrative. They were posted by the Universo Recondito account on his X account.

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“At a distance equal to 72% of the Sun-Earth distance, from Venus, the Sun will be a faint glow amid dense and poisonous clouds of sulfuric acid. Interestingly, Venus’s day lasts longer than its year,” Scientist tells Popular.

The atmosphere of Venus is composed primarily of carbon dioxide with traces of sulfuric acid, creating an extremely dense and toxic atmosphere.

Due to these conditions, visibility from the surface of Venus is very limited. If you were in the toxic clouds of Venus and could see the Sun, the scene would be very different from what we experience on Earth.

From the surface of Venus, the dense atmosphere filters sunlight and creates a diffusion effect, making the Sun appear as a bright but hazy disk in the sky.

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Additionally, light reaching the surface of Venus is modified by particles in the atmosphere, which can give the Sun a red tint. The combination of these atmospheric conditions will make viewing the Sun difficult from Venus’s toxic clouds. Quite unique and different from our experience on Earth.


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