Until NOW it is possible to update the data to receive a stimulus check in the United States

Until NOW it is possible to update the data to receive a stimulus check in the United States

In the state of Alabama, an economic stimulus check of $300.00 USD was given. All this in order to help the residents with the expenses at the end of the year. In this way, the money is part of the tax refund that will be given to many taxpayers. In other words, it will be done by direct deposit or paper check.

However, here it is very important that taxpayers pay attention to the deadline established by the state of Alabama to make data changes.

This is the way that the money reaches the right address of the person indicated or the right bank account.

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According to the Alabama Department of Revenue, the deadline to update the data ends on November 29, 2023.

Eligible individuals can receive up to $150.00 USD, while married couples filing jointly can receive up to $300.00 USD. It was established by Governor Kay Ivey, who agreed to grant this unique tax refund to Alabama.

How are payments received?

Those who receive their tax refund electronically will receive a stimulus check via direct deposit. Meanwhile, another group will receive the paper check.

It is worth clarifying that in the state of Alabama the same bank account used to issue this stimulus check will be used.

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In this way, the authorities will send a paper check to the address registered with the taxpayers. However, this will be based on your most recent income tax returns.

However, there are also cases of people changing their postal address since filing their tax return. If so, they must update it before 5:00 pm on November 29.