UP: More than 50 dead bodies found at Ganga Ghat in Ghazipur, 110 bodies seen so far


Ghazipur: Amidst the second wave of Corona epidemic, bodies found on the banks of the Ganges in Ghazipur district of UP have created panic. After the bodies found on the banks of the Ganges in Buxar, a large number of bodies have been found floating on the banks of the Ganges near Gahmar village in Ghazipur on Tuesday. It is being told that more than 50 dead bodies have started coming to the shore.

12 bodies have also been found along the banks of the Ganges in the neighboring district of Ballia in Ghazipur. It is also feared that the bodies found in Buxar also came from Ghazipur. Because the river Ganga flows through Ghazipur, Ballia and flows further into Bihar. The DM there had also expressed apprehension about this.

Here, after the bodies were found along the banks of the Ganges in Ghampur and Karanda, DM Ghazipur has constituted a committee under the chairmanship of ADM City for investigation. Along with this, another monitoring committee has also been formed, which will monitor the activities like flow of dead bodies in the Ganges.

Significantly, a day earlier, more than 71 bodies were found floating in the Ganges at Chausa Ghat in Buxar, Bihar. Police had taken out the dead bodies with the help of JCB and buried them in the ground. Samples have also been taken for DNA and covid tests of the carcasses.

Responsible for holding bodies to each other:

After getting the body here, the Ghazipur administration is not ready to believe that these deaths have taken place in Ghazipur district. At the same time, the argument of the Buxar administration is that all these dead bodies have come from Ghazipur after flowing into the Ganges. However the Buxar administration is monitoring the ghats with a drone camera.