Upcoming Amazon Alexa feature can mimic the voices of the dead

Amazon Alexa In future updates, you can use the voices of friends and family who are no longer alive. Amazon mentioned the features at its Re:MARS conference Wednesday as a way to “make memories last.”

After hearing someone’s voice for less than a minute, Alexa will be able to imitate that voice while speaking. According to Sky News, a video of the feature shows a child asking his grandmother to read him a story, and Alexa confirms before changing her voice.

It’s unclear how far along the feature is in development or when it might be rolled out for the Alexa voice assistant. Re: The MARS (for Machine Learning, Automation, Robots and Space) event highlights what Amazon is doing in ambient computing, including advances in Alexa, so we may not see this feature coming anytime soon .

There are potential safety concerns with the ability to precisely recreate a voice pattern, though we’ll keep our judgment until we know how well Alexa can mimic a voice after listening for such a short time. We’ll also look at how the feature is achieved — while it appears to require users to opt in to use, there is an ethical question about rights to the voice of the deceased and how long it can be kept. , either on the device or the company server.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed to CNET, the voice-mimicking feature is apparently not for deceased family members. It builds on recent advances in text-to-speech technology, explained in an Amazon white paper from this year, where the team has produced high-quality voice with very little data, a way to record voice in a professional manner. Applying voice filters instead of spending hours in the studio.

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