Upegui made public his income tax returns and admitted that almost all of his campaign funders

Upegui made public his income tax returns and admitted that almost all of his campaign funders

In the midst of what he described as an act of “transparency”, in the last few hours the candidate for the Independent movement, Juan Carlos Upegui, made public his income tax return regarding the noise generated by the recent day about financing your campaign.

The candidate for Mayor of Medellín, who has the support of Daniel Quintero, stated that because of the difficulty of obtaining bank loans, he turned to close people who believed in his political project.

“We know that at this time political campaigns are difficult because of the reluctance of financial entities that do not want to finance our electoral processes through credit and we know that for this reason we have to resort of donations from friends and people,” he explained.

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But many of those people who contributed to his campaign were questioned not only for being public officials now, but for ceasing to be public officials less than a year ago, one of the conditions imposed by the law in this regard.

Both the campaign manager, Juan Pablo Ramírez, and Upegui defended that the process was transparent and properly audited to avoid any deficiency or crime.

“We have complete peace of mind that our campaign is transparent and honest and that’s why we’re showing our face here. We’re doing it now” , the candidate justified.

But in the controversy of the officials who contributed to Upegui’s intention added to the alleged parallel payroll of the local channel Telemedellín where they will be involved close to the campaign.

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For example, the lawyer Gloria Jaramillo published in the last few hours in her networks the addition of 800 million pesos made by the entity since the beginning of October in a contract already signed with Maxempleos, a temporary company that has a good deal of contracting with the channel since some time ago and where it is revealed the existence of people working at the same time for the Independents or otherwise not in the correct implementation of the said agreements.

During the current administration, Maxempleos has contracted more than 34 billion pesos with the channel as part of service orders that also leave doubts, because in the areas of Telemedellín where there is no linked payroll of more than 31 people, the requests In the temporary period there reached 151 vacancies.

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Entities such as the Prosecutor’s Office and the Attorney General’s Office have visited the channel’s headquarters in recent days to request contractual information amid the progress of investigations.