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Urkullu warns that to guarantee the future of the Basques it is necessary to continue to defend and develop self-government

“On May 28, we took the risk of being able to develop our model, the project of our country. All of you and all of you. Remember: All this is not forever. All things can change. The future of our self-government is uncertain. It’s not. Make no mistake. It hasn’t always been. If we don’t protect it, we risk losing it. We must defend it every day because it is our best means of ensuring our well-being. Thanks to this we can develop our own model, our policies, shape our future. Together and together we must continue to develop it. Because it is the biggest guarantee of our success. Self-government means having the ability to provide solutions to Arrasset’s problems from within Arrasset. Offer solutions to the preferences of Basques from Bilbao, Donostia or Gasteiz. Not from hundreds of miles away.” The legend, Inigo Urkullu, made a fierce defense today of Basque self-government, the key to the development and well-being that Basque society has experienced over the past 40 years but which is currently under threat. Urkullu This morning Herico has attended a political function in the Plaza de Araset in which the mayor and candidate for re-election, Maria Uberteixena; the candidate for Deputy General of Gipuzkoa, Eider Mendoza; and the president of the Gipuzko Buru Batzar, Joseba Egibar.

In Urkullu’s words, “our self-governance is not assured”, and “we risk losing it” if it is not protected. Lehendkari appeals to continue defending it, developing it and improving it every day because “it is the best guarantee of our success”. Furthermore, it denounced the “silent erosion” that it has suffered and suffered from “each of the Spanish governments”. Urkullu also wanted to send a clear message to EH Bildu. “It is not enough to wear white clothes: the commitment to the victims and coexistence must be deep and sincere because the Basque society and the victims all deserve solidarity and respect,” he said. In this sense, Lehendkari has said that “one name in 200 lists may be an error, but 44 is a judgment”. “They are within their rights, but it is essential that they assume it without victimisation,” he concluded.

In his speech, the president of the Gipuzko Buru Batzar, Joseba Egibar, contrasted the trajectory and strategy of the Basque nationalist party with those of the nationalist left. After warning that “it is much more difficult to build, to demolish or to destroy”, Egibar said that “in this country, for decades, two strategies have clashed: those that wanted to build and those that wanted to tear down”. both those who wanted to advance and those who put up barriers; some in favor, others always in opposition; some running, others trying to stop; white versus black”. was tripping him up”, he summarized. Burukide has influenced the PNV’s commitment to “national construction, day-in-day-out, for 45 years, for more than 16,000 days”. And during that time, “Trying to tear down what others had built”, he said. “Gipuzkoa, the Basque Country, has reached this point because we made the right decisions in key strategic decisions and because we managed to overcome those obstacles,” he said. For we have faced the opposite strategies that they have placed on us.”

“When in the last four decades has Ebertzell been our traveling companion in national and social construction? When and in whom did you participate in the basic agreements of social and national construction? Where have they been all these years and, above all, what did they do?” asked Joseba Egibar. “Although they are late, they are welcome,” he said. has revealed what affects the current nationalist. “They are affected by amnesia because they do not remember anything; and they are full of anthropomorphism because they think that the world begins with them”, he said. . It also stressed that “they need to manage their priorities, which are the result of wrong and inhumane tactics of the past.” “They manage their own emergencies, not people’s but their own,” he insisted. Jobba Egibar concludes by emphasizing that the PNV model is “connected to hope; One hope united by faith, determination and action”. “We work for nation building in an optimistic and committed manner. We are involved in the national construction of these people: our goal is the Basques, their rights, social, economic, cultural, linguistic rights, political rights and collective rights. Basque is our language; And Euskadi is our homeland”, he concluded.

The candidate for Vice-General of Gipuzkoa, Eder Mendoza, recalled that on May 28 municipal elections were held in the state as well as in various autonomous communities, and criticized the fact that, in this context, “public funds were used being partisan and for electoral purposes”, with the measures being “more gimmicky than effective”. “It’s not our style, it’s irresponsible behaviour, only looking at the short term,” he said. Furthermore, Mendoza criticized that the nationalist leftists are “pirates” for trying to participate in “that circus”. “They are working as extras in the Madrid circus, even in cases that are ‘atexacle’ for our country”, he underlined. The Jelzel candidate has defended that the problems of the Basque Country and Gipuzkoa “cannot be fixed with banners or measures that are not effective”. “Here we have a different work culture: to solve citizens’ problems, with delicacy and simplicity, but also with honesty and, above all, effectiveness. In Gipuzkoan style, in Basque style, in EAJ-PNV style “, he defended. For all these reasons, Mendoza has called for participation in the upcoming elections on 28 May, as “staying at home is useless” and harms the whole society: “Not voting weakens democracy, and to see Nothing other than how they are in countries where there is no democracy”.

The task of Herico Plaza was opened by Maria Uberteixena, mayor of Araset and candidate for re-election, who said that the candidacy that the EAJ-PNV presents in the city “integrates a team that we love for our land”. , for our people. We want a ‘Mondra’ with a future, an open, competitive, sustainable, egalitarian, Basque-speaking Arasat, with life, with lots of life; with healthy business, opportunities for all With. And what do you know? We’re going to make it!”

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