US action in Iraq and Syria deepens tension, Security Council meeting

US action in Iraq and Syria deepens tension, Security Council meeting

The meeting has been called at the request of the Russian Federation in the backdrop of the series of attacks carried out by the US in Iraq and Syria following the recent killing of American soldiers in a drone strike.

After these attacks, tension has increased continuously due to Israeli action in Gaza. The ongoing war in Gaza is deepening the crisis in the entire Middle East region, which could have dramatic consequences for regional peace and security.

The UN Under-Secretary-General noted that Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned on several occasions since the Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel on October 7 that any miscalculation could lead to military conflict.

Rosemary DeCarlo said, “We have seen incidents in the area almost daily. These include about 165 attacks on American facilities in Syria and Iraq, after which America took action in these two countries.

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On January 28, a drone strike on a US base in northeastern Jordan killed three US soldiers and injured 40 others.

Subsequently, on February 2, the US carried out 85 airstrikes against the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Quds Forces and other groups in Iraq and Syria. America claims that through these bases, groups supported by Iran were targeting its military camps in the Middle East region.

At the same time, in recent days, Britain has also, as part of an allegedly defensive action, together with the US, taken action against the targets of Houthi fighters in Yemen, from where attacks were carried out on ships in the Red Sea.

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Rosemary DeCarlo said that according to the US, it has targeted command and control centers, intelligence bases and weapons storage centers among other places during its retaliation.

Also, America has said that it does not want violent conflict in the Middle East or elsewhere. At the same time, Iraq and Syria have condemned this action.

According to both countries, there have been civilian casualties in these attacks.

Threat to regional stability

The peacekeeping chief said tensions were rising across the Middle East, including along the Blue Line between Israeli military forces and Hezbollah – the line on the border between Israel and Lebanon.

Rockets have been fired repeatedly at the Golan Heights held by Israel and the Hezbollah group, and Israel has carried out airstrikes against several targets in Syria.

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He told that Houthi fighters have carried out drone and missile attacks on ships in the Red Sea region, after which America and Britain have retaliated.

In view of this, UN Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DeCarlo has called on all parties to step back from the brink, calling for consideration of the unbearable human and economic costs of potential regional conflict.

He urged the member states in the Security Council to actively contact and negotiate with all concerned parties, so that the situation can be prevented from escalating further and the situation that undermines regional peace and security can be dealt with.


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