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Friday, March 5, 2021

US: Biden corrects Trump’s mistakes, lifts ban on transgender soldiers in US military

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On Monday, US President Joe Biden lifted a controversial ban imposed by former President Trump on transgender soldiers working in the US Army. With this move, he fulfilled his election campaign promise, which has been welcomed by LGBTQ lawyers and activists.

The White House said in a statement that President Biden believes that gender identity should not be the criteria for working in the military. America’s strength lies in its diversity.

Trump reversed Obama’s decision

The statement said that it is better for both the nation and the army to join the army by wearing the uniforms of all the eligible citizens of America because the united force is more effective. Simply put, it is in our national interest.

Former Democratic President Barack Obama in 2016 allowed transgender people to openly serve and receive medical facilities, but former Republican President Donald Trump allowed soldiers working in the military to continue in their positions. Was stopped.

Biden’s early decisions

The decisions of the Trump administration were stopped by Joe Biden since his swearing-in. By becoming President, Biden had given relief to migrants living in America and removed the ban on travel to Muslim countries. Biden has also made wearing a mask mandatory in America, while Trump was extremely careless about wearing masks.

Apart from this, the new President of America has planned to overcome the corona epidemic on a large scale. He has also announced an economic package to provide direct financial help to the citizens. In the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, Biden’s initial decisions are to step back towards America’s withdrawal and end racism.

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