US Border Patrol detains 27 Cuban rafters after arriving in Florida Keys

United States Border Patrol (USBP) 27 Cuban rafters were arrested this Saturday after landing in the Florida Keys.

“Earlier today, Border Patrol Miami Sector agents and law enforcement officers responded to two migrant landings in the Florida Keys. 27 Cuban migrants were detained after making landfalls on Long Key and the Marquesas Keys. No one was injured. Not reported,” Border Patrol said on Twitter.

so far in august At least 247 irregular Cuban migrants have been detained by USBP agents According to this newsroom record, after reaching American territory by sea, most of which landed in the Florida Keys.

In mid-August, a Border Patrol release revealed At least 187 Cuban rafters arrive in Florida Keys, The migrants would have arrived in ten groups that were stopped within a span of two days, and 78 of whom would have been detained by the police. United States Coast Guard (USCG),

A few days ago, the agents of USBP 19 Cuban rafters arrested who get to Marathon Key in Florida by a rustic boat

“ALERT: 19 Cuban migrants were taken into United States Border Patrol custody this morning after arriving on a home boat in Marathon, Florida. The group consists of 16 adult males and three adult females. Will be processed for it,” Miami Sector Border Patrol chief Walter Schlosser told Twitter.

The arrest came 24 hours after another USBP operation in which 16 Cuban illegal immigrants were detained Joe entered the United States in a landing off the coast of Florida after arriving at Long Key. An alleged smuggler was traveling on the boat.According to official sources.

“USBP and CBPAMOREgDirSE agents respond to a maritime smuggling incident that made landfall near Marathon, Florida. 1 suspected smuggler was apprehended along with 16 Cuban migrants. The investigation is ongoing,” Slossar reported.

in early August, 25 Cuban rafters detained by USBP agents After landing on the Florida Keys. The migrants were detained upon arriving in US territory in a pastoral boat via Key West. Officials indicated that they all came from the Cuban province of Artemisa in the west of the country.

The crisis that is deepening in Cuba is not going to stop The exodus of Cubans who want to emigrate at all costs, In the financial year 2022 (ending September 30), The number of rafters stopped on the high seas is already 5,000. is close to,

According to official figures from the US Border Guard Corps, as of October 1, 2021, Coast Guard employees intercepted 4,440 Cubans compared to 5,396 in fiscal year 2016, when the biggest wave of cancellations occurred in the past 6 years. coincided with the announcement. immigration policy that supported the irregular arrival of Cubans in the United States.

for its part, USCG repatriates 203 Cuban rafters this Saturday, recently arrested in 14 operations in the Florida Keys. US border guards on Friday Cuban authorities returned 106 rafters with four dogs Some of the 12 groups of migrants stranded at sea may have traveled as pets.

Faced with a migrant avalanche of Cubans, US officials recalled that “in 2016, the dry feet, wet feet policy was repealed.” As emphasized this Friday by Lieutenant of the USCG’s Seventh District, Travis Paulos “those who were rescued/detained at sea will be deported back to their country of origin.”

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