US Congressional delegation visits Guatemala in moments of opportunity and great danger

US Congressional delegation visits Guatemala in moments

A delegation from the United States Congress visited Guatemala, where it met with the authorities of the current government and the elected administration and set up meetings this Saturday with businessmen and representatives of civil society.

Senator Tim Kaine assured that they are in Guatemala because it is “a moment of opportunity and danger.” “It looks like we’re looking at a coup.”

“This is a moment of great danger for Guatemala. When the election is attacked, the Guatemalan people are attacked; when the candidate who wins the election is attacked, the Guatemalan people are attacked,” Kaine said at a press conference.

The congressmen indicated that after the pandemic, there are many companies looking for opportunities in countries like Guatemala, but they do not want to invest in a period of uncertainty where democracy is at risk.

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Although they did not express their support for new sanctions by the United States government against Guatemalan government officials, Senator Kaine indicated that they would do “anything” to support the will of the people. in Guatemala, not only now but for years to come. .

The arrival of the delegation happened on the same day that the Public Ministry offered new details of the case they called ‘Seed Corruption’, where the prosecutor against impunity, Rafael Curruchiche, sent the following message: “To all those diplomats, ambassadors, and senators from foreign countries who are now in Guatemala who want to interfere with the failure to investigate the Public Ministry, I invite you to approach the Public Ministry and we can provide details of the investigation.”

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To which Congresswoman Delia Ramírez, from the state of Illinois, responded:

“I think what is abusive is denying democracy to the Guatemalan people and not honoring the vote they gave.”

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Norma Torres, California state representative, said she was surprised by the actions of the Public Ministry and that, after a long time away from Guatemala, where he is from, it is a “tremor” that occurs at a time when many see democracy threatened by the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition, he added that the corrupt want to cancel the votes of Guatemalans: “That’s what they are doing, canceling your votes, your democracy, your rule of law, and the future of you, your children, and your grandchildren to come.” He also sent a message to President Alejandro Giammattei, telling him that “there is still time; you can reverse these actions, and we hope you can do it.”

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The delegation was completed by Senators Dick Durbin, Jeff Merkley, Peter Welch, and Laphonza Butler.

Politicians expressed their interest in Guatemala, considering the more than three million Guatemalans currently living in the United States, and indicated that they hope that President Giammattei and his administration will take steps to support the democratic process.