US consumer confidence improved in June to its highest level since January 2022

Una mayor confianza del consumidor propicia mayor consumo y actividad económica.

The Conference Board, a think tank that provides insight into what’s to come, reported Consumer confidence index rose to 109.7 in June from 102.5 in May,

,Consumer confidence in June rose to its highest level since January 2022reflects improved current conditions and rising expectations,” said Dana Peterson, chief economist at The Conference Board.

,The highest trust was most pronounced among consumers under the age of 35 and those with an income above $35,000., However, the expectations scale continued to indicate that consumers were anticipating a recession at some point in the next 6-12 months,” Peterson said.

According to the report:

, 23.7% of consumers said business conditions were “good” compared to 19.7% in the previous month.

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16.3% said business conditions were “bad”. vs. 16.7%,

· He 46.8% of consumers said jobs were “abundant” compared to 43.3%.

12.4% of consumers said jobs are “hard to find”. slightly lower than the previous month’s 12.6%,

· He 14.2% of consumers expect business conditions to improve compared to 13.2% over the next six months.

Meanwhile, 17.7% expect business conditions to worsen, vs. 21.4%,

· He 15.5% of consumers expect more jobs to become available While it was 13.8% last month.

16.0% expect to get fewer jobs, vs. 21.1%,

16.9% of consumers expect their income to increase, down from 18.9% last month,

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11.9% expect their income to decrease vs. 11.4% in May,

28.5% of consumers say their current family financial situation is “good”. down slightly from May’s 29.2%.

18.2% say their family’s current financial situation is “bad”. vs. 19.5%,

, 30.3% of consumers expect their family’s financial situation to be “better” over the next six months, compared to 28.9% in May.

13.7% expect their family’s financial situation to get “worse”. down 14.9%,

69.3% of consumers say a recession is “somewhat” or “very likely.” compared to 73.2% in May.

“Assessments of the current situation rose in June due to more optimistic outlooks for both business and labor conditions. In fact, the gap between consumers saying jobs are ‘abundant’ versus ‘not so plentiful’ has widened, reflecting optimistic sentiments about the job market that continues to outperform. Similarly, expectations improved materially for the next six months, which Reflects increased confidence about future business conditions and job availability Peterson noted.

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