US data 'pulls' the peso! Dollar price today 2 February 2024


The Mexican peso took a hit after retreating earlier in the day, which led to Dollar price today 2 February 2024 It starts at 17.15 units for each greenback; Know what is here Exchange rates in Mexican banks,

mexican currency register a 0.41% loss That compares to Thursday’s reference price and is on track to end the week with a marginal accumulated return of just 0.02%. The decline in the local currency follows a global strengthening of dollar Following the release of employment figures in the United States that were better than expected.

The US Labor Department gave this information 353 thousand jobs were created in January, exceeding expectations, and surpassing last month’s data. The unemployment rate, for its part, remained at 3.7%, compared to forecasts of 3.8%.

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“The initial reaction of the markets, especially high-risk assets, is negative as the probability increases that the first interest rate cut by the Fed will be delayed a bit, and the authority will lower rates as often as it can. in 2024,” CIBanco said in an analysis note.

Before the release of employment data in the United States, The Mexican peso advanced 0.22%.

Dollar price in Mexican banks today February 2, 2024

value of Dollar Today February 2, 2024 in Mexican Banks* starts at:

  • BBVA Mexico – 16.27 pesos for buying and 17.40 pesos for selling
  • citybanamex – 16.57 pesos for buying and 17.59 pesos for selling
  • banorte – 15.90 pesos for buying and 17.35 pesos for selling
  • confirm bank – 16.10 pesos for buying and 17.60 pesos for selling
  • scotiabank – 15.00 pesos for buying and 18.20 pesos for selling
  • inbursa – 16.80 pesos for buying and 17.80 pesos for selling
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