US fires ICBMs in Pacific Ocean

After two postponed starts
US fires ICBMs in Pacific Ocean

Immediately after the Russian attack on Ukraine, the United States abandoned the planned test of an ICBM. The blast occurs in early August because of tensions with China. Now Washington is firing cruise missiles towards the sea.

The US says it has successfully tested an ICBM in the Pacific Ocean. The US Air Force said the Minuteman III rocket, which could theoretically be nuclear-armed, was launched overnight from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California and flew about 6750 kilometers to Kwajalein Atoll in the southern Pacific. So the test was clearly not a response to “current world events”.

The Air Force originally intended to test the missile in March, but initially decided not to do so due to rising tensions with Russia as a result of the War of Aggression in Ukraine. The Pentagon statement at the time said it wanted to show that the US had no intention of engaging in “misunderstood or misunderstood” actions. America is a responsible nuclear power.

The second date was also postponed in early August, this time due to tensions with China. Following the visit of US top politician Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China’s military conducted its largest military maneuver in the waters around the island and also launched missiles.

The Minuteman is a product of the Cold War. The first launch of a Boeing-made cruise missile was in 1959. Five years later, a Minuteman II was tested for the first time. The first and second generation missiles are no longer in service with the US armed forces. The Minutemann III should remain in the arsenal until 2030. Several thousand of them were built by 1977. The US regularly tests the accuracy and reliability of its ICBMs.


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