US House Speaker refuses to investigate aid to Ukraine

Many foreigners have been killed, injured or kidnapped by Hamas in Israel

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson, refused to investigate a $95 billion aid package for Ukraine and Israel, as negotiated in the Senate.

The bill provides funding for Israel's war against Hamas and its strategic ally Taiwan, but the bulk — $60 billion — will help Ukraine replenish its depleted arsenal as the war with Hamas enters its third year. Will do. Russia.

The text, which should be put up for a vote in the Senate in the early hours of Tuesday morning, does not include changes to US immigration policy, which is one of the conservative party's demands.

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Johnson said, “House Republicans were clear from the beginning of the discussion that any so-called supplemental national security legislation must recognize that national security begins at our own border.”

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Earlier, Republican senators had rejected another initiative that included both the border issue and foreign aid as Johnson promised to press it in the House because he believed it would effectively stop illegal immigration at the border. Does not address.

The Speaker of the House assured that the previous project, although it included the strongest changes in decades, did not make much headway and would be “dead on arrival” in the House.

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His rhetoric matches that of former President Donald Trump, who strongly called for the project to be halted. In the race for the White House, the favorite tries to exploit the issue of immigration as Biden's weakness in the Republican primary.

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Despite several months of bipartisan negotiations on the bill, Senate Republicans ultimately voted to block it.

On the other hand, this second text, which sidelines the immigration issue, received enough support from Republicans to advance in the Senate controlled by Democrats, so it is almost certain that it will be approved by a simple majority in the final vote.

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“The Senate did the right thing last week by rejecting the Ukraine-Taiwan-Gaza-Israel immigration legislation because of inadequate border provisions, and should have returned to the table to amend the existing bill to include actual border security provisions ” Republican leader.

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“Now absent change from the Senate regarding immigration policy, the House will continue to act at its discretion on these important issues,” Johnson announced in a statement Monday.




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