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Thursday, March 4, 2021

US said on ‘QUAD’ made to compete with China – this is the foundation of our policy making in the Indian Pacific

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The QUAD made to compete with China has been described by the US as the basic basis of its policy making in the Indo-Pacific region. Regarding this, a senior US official has said that the Biden administration considers the ‘Quad’ group of the US, India, Japan and Australia to be the fundamental basis through which important Americans in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region Policy can be formulated.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said this at an event organized by the Congress-funded think tank ‘US Institute of Peace’ on Friday. He said that the United States will work for the progress of the four-nation group ‘Quad’.

‘We will work for progress’

Sullivan said, ‘One very positive thing that we will work to progress and that was mentioned by former NSA Robert O’Brien is’ Quad’ which is a group of America, Japan, Australia and India. He said, ‘Here too I believe that we want to take this forward. This is a system that we see as a foundation through which important American policy can be framed in the Indo-Pacific region. ‘

‘These are initiatives that will continue’

Sullivan said that the ‘Quad’ and the Indo-Pacific policy of the erstwhile Trump administration are among the chosen policies about which the Biden administration has said it will work on them. He said, ‘These are such initiatives that will continue and efforts will be made to carry forward and implement the steps taken by the previous administration.’ India, Japan, the US and Australia shaped the long-pending proposal to establish a ‘quad’ as a new strategy to counter China’s aggression in the Indo-Pacific region.

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