US to announce ‘long-term’ military reinforcements in Europe: Officials

US to announce 'long-term' military reinforcements in Europe: Officials

A US official said on Tuesday that the US would announce new long-term military deployments across Europe in response to threats from Russia, while at a NATO summit in Madrid.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said “there will be specific announcements tomorrow on land, sea and air” of additional force currency commitments over the long term.

He said the army would focus on the Baltic, the Balkans and the eastern side of NATO bordering Russia.

Sullivan said, “NATO will announce a “historic set of deliverables…” solely on the issue of force currency.

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He underlined that the growth of coalition forces in Europe is not only in response to the immediate instability caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent war, which is now in its fourth month, but a “long-term change in strategic reality”.

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“At the conference, you’ll see that the Coalition follows through on that commitment and the United States follows through on that commitment,” he said.

“The United States will make specific announcements tomorrow of additional force currency commitments on land, sea and air over the long term, beyond the duration of this crisis, however long it lasts,” Sullivan said.

One such announcement would be the deployment of six US naval destroyers to the US base in Rota in southern Spain, he said.

Asked about threats to base nuclear-capable missiles and airplanes in Belarus, a neighboring ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sullivan said it would be “a concern for the entire NATO alliance. It would be a concern for the US.” And it’s something we’ll keep in mind as we think about our own force posture”.

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According to Sullivan, the long-standing failure by many coalition members to meet their pledge to spend at least two percent on GDP over the military budget is increasingly being addressed.

This has been a major concern for Washington as it bills itself too high to protect Europe.

“There has been a significant increase in national contributions by countries to the point where we anticipate at this summit, you will see a strong majority of NATO allies being either at two percent … the benchmark or on track to meet it. 2024,” Sullivan said.

He called it “a significant change in the intensity and commitment of NATO allies in terms of putting their money” on where their mouths are.

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