USA: Three killed in lightning strike in front of White House in Washington

Another person died after being struck by lightning in front of the White House. Experts caution against reckless behavior during thunderstorms.

The death toll has risen to three after lightning struck near the White House in Washington. A 29-year-old man died on Friday after a couple was seriously injured, according to police in the US capital. The seriously injured woman was still in mortal danger.

According to the fire department, lightning struck Park Lafayette Square in front of the President’s office on Thursday evening (local time) and shocked two women and two men. The victims suffered life-threatening injuries and were taken to nearby hospitals.

“Tree is not a safe place”

Police initially confirmed on Friday that two of the injured had been declared brought dead. According to the information, this is a 75-year-old woman and her 76-year-old husband. The couple came from the state of Wisconsin in the north of the United States and wanted to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary in Washington, as their niece told the “Milwaukee Journal Sentinel” newspaper. The 29-year-old, who was seriously injured, was later declared brought dead.

The victims apparently wanted to protect themselves from the storm under a tree – which experts warn against. “Trees are not a safe place,” fire department spokesman Vito Magiolo told the Washington Post. Rather, they are “very dangerous places” during thunderstorms.


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