USA: what is known about the kidnapping of four Americans in Matamoros (Mexico)

USA: what is known about the kidnapping of four Americans in Matamoros (Mexico)

The tension between Mexico and USA. That which has attracted the attention of the whole world is troubling Joe Biden’s country. And it happened that different media reported that the four American citizens were away and, apparently, they were taking them in Aztec territory. Get all the details here.

The incident happened on the 3rd of March in the city matamoros, Tamaulipas (Mexico) where, according to the initial information of the authorities, there are four people USA They arrived in the territory of Mexico, except that they thought they were going to be kidnapped.

In this sense, one North American official has escaped the possibility that these people were attacked by mistake, when they were not the targets of the attackers. He said yes Snoring through the web of his gate.

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The United States is asking its citizens to appear (Photo: AFP)


With removal four American men the ringing of the bells has gone away what really happened.

The North American group arrived at matamoros on March 3 in a vehicle with a license plate North Carolinaas collected by the authorities and their version Snoring.

The authority also adds that these citizens were attacked because they were shot and captured in a car with an unknown destination. It is also known that Americans were traveling to Mexico for health reasons when receipts were found inside their vehicles.


The abduction of four Americans in Mexican territory has awakened the US authorities. Wherefore FBI in Saint Anthony (Texas) confirmed, according to El Diario, that they were attacked and removed by an armed commando.

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He was strengthened by the removal of men Oliver Rich; Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s San Antonio Division on March 5.

“The FBI, federal partners, and Mexican law enforcement authorities are investigating the case,” Rich said in a statement.

The FBI is now looking for the missing person (Photo: AFP)

What did the president of Mexico say?

President of Mexico; Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorHe ruled the matter and indicated that he had been trained.

“We have information that they crossed the border to buy drugs in Mexico, there were fights between the groups and they were arrested,” said the president according to CNN.

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Is MATAMOROS a dangerous city?

According to El Diario, the town of Matamoros is the place where the cells Bay connected.

“Inhabitants of that neighboring state are devastated by organized crime, which has had bloody moments with battles between members of the so-called cartel and Los Zetas,” the newspaper article reads.

indicating the prize

Where the purpose of finding missing people FBI prize of 50 thousand dollars for those who can provide information about US citizens.

TELEPHONE number for information

Authorities and FBI They said there is a number that can be called for information about the four missing citizens.

It’s a phone 210-225-6741

FBI agent in the United States (Photo: AFP)


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