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Use the best Diablo Immortal Items for the chosen classes

Picking the suitable class is always the first wall the players will face when playing any Diablo game. Which characters should gamers consider using in their playthrough?  

The highly popular ARPG series made a comeback with its newest installment. Diablo Immortal is tagged as an MMO ARPG and the first game from the series to grace the gaming community in five years. Naturally, players are hyped up about it and gearing themselves to explore the game’s contents. From new battle mechanics to fantastic Diablo Immortal items, the latest MMO ARPG has a lot to offer. Fortunately, gamers will find familiar grounds regarding the classes. 

Diablo Immortal Features the Same Classes as Diablo III

While NetEase and Activision did tweak the mobile game a bit to fit mobile gameplay, some elements are still the same. Diablo Immortal classes have been carried over from its predecessors, Diablo II and III. While players explore the realm of this new MMO ARPG, they will be able to integrate themselves smoothly into the mobile game’s gameplay because of their familiarity with the existing jobs. 

Fans will undoubtedly enjoy the return of their favorite classes, such as the bloodthirsty Barbarians and the mighty Wizards. As of late, there are a total of six characters that players can use as they enter the realm of the Sanctuary. Here are all the classes that are currently usable in Diablo Immortal:

  • Barbarian – The hulking bloodthirsty madmen return while featuring almost the same set of skills in the previous games. Barbarians are prominent bulky melee fighters who prefer to fight up close and personal. They focus primarily on unleashing AoE attacks in their immediate surroundings and leaping into the heat of the battle. 
  • Crusader – The iron-clad Crusaders are also available in the newest Diablo game. These armored fighters boast high defensive capabilities while dealing tons of AoE damage and providing support spells for their allies. These characters are often the shield and sword of their party. 
  • Monk – The stoic hand-to-hand combat of the Monks have been a fascinating sight since their introduction in Diablo II. These characters are martial artists who rely on their fists and kicks to plow through the enemy ranks. Monks are versatile fighters who rely on agility and strength to maneuver through the field and defeat any enemy standing in their way.
  • Demon Hunter – The elusive crossbow-wielding slayers of demon kind have also returned to Sanctuary. Demon Hunters are agile-ranged characters specializing in taking down enemies from afar. They have many mobility skills that help them stay out of trouble as they eliminate their targets.
  • Wizard – The masters of the arcane have once again graced players with their presence. Wizards command the elements at their will and can call upon them to obliterate their foes. These magic-users can teleport in and out of the battlefield and deal massive damage with their elemental AoE attacks. 
  • Necromancer – The nefarious Necromancers have returned to use their dark arts against the demonic forces. These characters use black magic at their disposal to summon thralls to fight for them. They can either smite their opponents with attacks from their long and terrifying scythes or have their minions pave their way through their goal. 
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These are the currently available jobs in Diablo Immortal. However, there have been speculations that some of the classes from the previous games might also return to Sanctuary. These characters include the Amazon and the Witch Doctor. 

Best Classes

Each character specializes in a specific aspect of the game and has varying functions depending on the situation. Some of these classes are easier to use than others, while some require players to be more technically skilled. Here is the overall ranking of the classes based on their difficulty and overall versatility:

S Tier

  • Necromancer – This class is arguably the most suitable for beginner players, solo players, and PvP. These magic-casters can easily do PvE content alone due to their ability to summon minions to help them. While these units don’t do that much damage, they can serve as the Necromancer’s frontline while they cast their hard-hitting spells.

These dark arts users have strong AoE attacks that they can cast from a relatively safe distance. While they mainly lack mobility, their summons provides enough breathing space to use their abilities. In PvP, they are exceedingly strong supports with their strong crowd controls and movement disruptions.

  • Demon Hunter – The classic rogue game class, provides serious damage and high mobility gameplay in exchange for low durability and sustain. The role of Demon Hunters in both PvE and PvP do not vary as they mainly serve as DPS in both instances. This class needs more skill than the other S-tier classes, but they are still playable at a beginner’s level.

These Demon Hunters are lethal in either solo or group content as they have deadly single-target abilities and powerful spread damages. Their attacks also pack the same punch in PvP content as they can snipe down foes from afar. While these rogues lack any defensive capabilities, their high mobility allows them to move from harm’s way and continue their barrage of arrows.

  • Barbarian – Players who want to get up close and personal will always prefer the introductory melee class of the game. Barbarians are potent warriors who can plow their way through the battlefield with large AoE attacks and Cleave damages. They are remarkably durable in either PvE or PvP and are incredibly newbie friendly.

Barbarians are considered the most well-rounded class in the game since they balance offense and defense. They can also hold their own in both player-versus-player and player-versus-environment situations. The only drawback is that they are relatively weak in the game’s early stages, but they are almost virtually unstoppable once they scale. 

A Tier

  • Wizard – For players who have a flair for large and colorful displays of magic, Wizard is the go-to class. These masters of the arcane pack a lot of punch and can deal massive damage in both PvE and PvP. This class is the only character considered pure casters who rely mainly on their spells and less on their auto-attacks. 
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In PvP, Wizards will have a relatively easy time even when they are squishy. They can take down opponents right before they can reach them. However, these magic-users may have difficulty in PvP if they are not skilled enough. Due to their high damage output, Wizards are generally focused on fights, so those who intend to use this class need to know this character’s ins and outs to survive long enough to cast their spells.

  • Crusader – While most of the classes in this list boast high damaging abilities, Crusaders take pride in their defensive capabilities. While they are the most durable glass in the game, their damage output is also dependable. These noble knights can be both the shield and sword for any party.

Crusaders may have difficulty doing solo content due to their lack of single-target abilities for bosses and long cooldown durations for the AoE attacks. However, this class is high in demand for most group content, including PvE and PvP. Raid groups always welcomed any Crusaders in their ranks due to their invaluable buffs. Meanwhile, these holy knights provide strong support abilities during team fights.

B Tier

  • Monk – Just because this class is rated in B tier doesn’t mean it’s the worst one in the game. On the contrary, Monks are placed in this position due to their high difficulty level rather than their overall versatility and power. These martial artists have dependable damage and boast high support spells.

Monks mix durability and mobility into their kit. Rather than tanking attacks, they rely on their movement and dashes to avoid damage. In solo PvE, they might have a more challenging time than other classes due to their damage output being similar to that of Crusaders. However, they predominantly excel in group content. For raid groups, they can quickly provide substantial buffs and support abilities. In PvP, they are tough to avoid and deal with due to their multiple crowd control abilities and bonuses.

Can Players Change their Class? 

While it is not yet available, Diablo Immortal will introduce a class change feature later in the game. This system will allow players to transition from one character to another, which will reset their current skill set. Gamers will receive new sets of items after their transfer, but they will still maintain other forms of progression they have gained in the previous playthrough, such as Paragon levels.

This ranking is subject to change since there are potentially new classes that will be added soon. In the meantime, players can explore Sanctuary and obtain powerful Diablo Immortal items with the currently available characters. Gamers should always base their class choices on their personal preferences to enjoy the game entirely.

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