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‘Velma’: ‘Scooby-Doo’ series for adults exposes cruelty as monster of the week

Ff World Scooby Doo lends itself to sarcasm. all element the classic Hanna-Barbera series has been the target of thousands of jokes since its premiere in the late 1960s: From its limited animation, which allowed its low budget, to memorable visual resources such as The door chase that defied all laws of physics Up until those recurring endings in which our heroes unmask the monster of the week and it turns out to be nothing more than the owner of the mansion.

they are The energy of the sixties is both claimed and parodied The decades to follow, and dozens of TV and film remakes of the character, have done nothing to diminish it.

Despite this, of course, there have been more and less fortunate. perhaps the best example of its possibilities for reinvention (almost comparable to the maestro duck adventures of 2017) mystery involved, A reboot that modernized the series’ structure as a serialized mystery, while exploring the personalities of its cast. Velma I had so many points to live for, but for now, It leaves those illogical doors open.

series, created by charlie grandy and produced by Mindy Kaling, part of a very promising proposition (place their characters in a sort of teen slasher, another pillar of the modern television camp); but He gives his starting gun without really knowing what he wants to be. You just know what you want to do. And that’s where it ends: he wants to take the protagonists of a recognizable children’s series and place them in an explicitly “adult” setting that’s provocative and shocking, to viewers along the way. surprises.

Linda Cardellini (Left) As Velma And The Character In 'Scooby-Doo.

This, of course, can be done elegantly (I’m thinking of recent Harley Quinn, or even in the flintstones of mark russell why Steve Pugh, which returns the characters to their early adult context through a fresh new social satire filtered through their fictional prehistory). But so far this does not seem to be happening.

Why? Velma Neither does it express any particular interest in exploring or deconstructing this particular universe, nor these particular characters, and it becomes quite unwieldy considering why they were chosen in the first place. not in any version of Scooby Doo were particularly complex, which makes it all the more surprising Velma unable to tell their personalities apart, giving almost the same comic voice to everyone (specifically, that of a television scriptwriter).

Since then, the Kalinga creations have not been appreciated by their artists until recently. sex life of college girls even cute I never, The heroes seem to have been reduced to cruel stereotypes that hate each other Issuing easily interchangeable warps. Comedy is an ever-evolving art form, but nothing here goes beyond a random episode family Guy in 2005.


But most surprising of all, especially coming from major figures in recent comedies, she never seems to find a tone she’s comfortable with. There are pieces: The series is visually remarkable, with character designs and art direction above average for current television animation. Shining particularly impressive during the fantasy sequences in which Velma experiences body-horror hallucinations.

And its cast is fantastic, from Kaling to myself Sam Richardson fresh out afterparty, going through a Glen Horton Joe introduces Fred as his Dennis lookalike in Almost Brilliant Hanging out in Philly… But, however disgusting the comparison, her mere invocation of memory is perhaps the worst decision the series has made.


aimless excitement

It’s Inescapable To Think How Comfortable She’s Always Execute… Being a brutal sitcom and full of disgusting characters, and how much it usually works like a charm because it’s so clear about what it’s doing. By his side, Velma wants to be so provocative and at the same time so self-conscious that it often comes to nothing, Opposing itself in form and essence and detracting from its ability to offer and deliver. Even his meta humor, which he wears like a medal of honor, seems to exist with self-referential jokes rather than the slightest attempt to rectify the series’ mistakes. He is like a dog in the manger, who neither eats, nor lets eat. Except that the dog is not visible.

Finally, even the franchise’s erratic live-action movies (thanks to the appearance of a youngster a few years back) james gunn to the script) didn’t have the capacity to fall into outright disdain for its own character archetypes and the workings of its universe.

It wouldn’t be the first time a series’ evolution has lived up to its potential — just take a look at wonders with similar beginnings, such as moral eagle hey Venture Bros.But at this point, unmask from Velma This means searching a collection of only the worst topics The last decades of animation for adults.

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