Venezuela has criticized criticism from the United Kingdom over the Essequibo claim

Venezuela has criticized criticism from the United Kingdom over the Essequibo claim

Vice President Delcy Rodríguez teased on Thursday, December 7, through the social network

Cameron described as “retrograde” and “wrong” the acquisition of Venezuelan territory in the Essequibo region, under the sovereignty of the former British colony of Guyana.

“These borders were established in 1899. I see no reason for unilateral action in Venezuela that will soon be considered incorrect,” he said in a joint press conference with his American counterpart, Antony Blinken , which he said about this dispute.

The British diplomat continued that with the help of regional actors “they will try to ensure that this repeated step taken does not continue.”

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For this reason, Delcy Rodríguez assured that the only retrograde thing that can be seen is the “political, economic and social difficulties” in which the United Kingdom lives after Brexit; a fact he holds Cameron directly responsible for bringing about.

In addition, he emphasized that in recent years there has been a “string” of prime ministers who, in his opinion, have mismanaged the United Kingdom and reminded David Cameron that his country, with the United States, the who. planned to remove Essequibo from the Arbitration Award of 1899.

Likewise, he emphasized that the United Kingdom is a signatory to the 1966 Geneva Agreement and that, in his opinion, they intend to dismantle it to hand over wealth to foreign transnational companies.

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The Geneva Agreement establishes that both parties will seek a negotiated solution to resolve the dispute.