Venezuela has moved its army to its border with Guyana, a disputed territory

Venezuela has moved its army to its border with Guyana, a disputed territory

This was revealed by OsintDfeender, an open source of military intelligence, through his Twitter account:

“The Armed Forces of Brazil are reported to be in a state of high readiness in the face of the significant movement of Venezuelan military personnel and equipment on the border with Guyana.”
Officials believe that Venezuela may invade the small South American country to annex Guyanese Essequibo, a region that represents more than 60 percent of Guyana’s territory and is claimed by the Venezuelan government,” reads the tweet the source.

What is Essequibo?

It is a disputed region between Venezuela and Guyana, rich in minerals and has proven oil reserves.

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Venezuela claims that part as its own based on the 1966 border agreement, which it signed with the United Kingdom.

Everything happens four days before a referendum in that territory. On Sunday, Venezuelans will vote at the polls in a referendum on what strategies the country should follow in the defense of that region, which it considers its own.

This is a question with five questions, to rule out the border of Guyana; the Geneva agreement of ’66 is valid; defend by all means the sovereignty of that territory; non-recognition of the Court of The Hague as jurisdiction to resolve the dispute; and create a new state in Venezuela called Guayaba Esequiba.

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Nicolás Maduro’s regime has promoted a “5 Time Yes” campaign, so that Venezuelans vote affirmatively on all questions.