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Venezuelan company Emtrasur appeals the decision to confiscate the plane before the Argentine justice

The Boeing 747-300 Was Entered At The Disposal Of The Argentine And United States Justices.
The Boeing 747-300 was entered at the disposal of the Argentine and United States justices.

The company Emtrasur today appealed Federal Judge Federico Villena’s decision to confiscate the aircraft held at Eziza Airport, they learned infobae Judicial sources from the Venezuelan firm appeared on file through an Argentine lawyer who had been specifically hired to handle the plane’s situation.

last Thursday, Judge Villena accepts United States Justice’s request to seize Iranian-Venezuela plane, The magistrate also ordered a search of the aircraft to seize a series of evidence that has already been added to the file it is processing in its court. That process was carried out on the same Thursday night, with the involvement of the FBI.

The request for cooperation was sent by the United States Department of Justice, passed through the Argentine Ministry of Justice and landed in the federal court of Lomas de Zamora on 3 August. There are three central points in this document: 1) the seizure/detention of the Boeing, 2) the service of the seizure order, and 3) the discovery of the Boeing. The “discovery” was interpreted as the discovery of the aircraft.

With Villain’s resolve, The case, identified as a Boeing 747-300 CRM182 84488, remained at the disposal of the Federal Court of Lomas de Zamora and the Federal Court of the District of Columbia.

There is still an open incident in Argentine justice, which is being processed parallel to the main file, where a precautionary measure is still in place to keep the aircraft stable.

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For now, the plane will remain at Eziza Airport. The purpose of the confiscation is to protect the aircraft while the United States Justice may obtain a definitive confiscation order.

Argentine Ambassador To Venezuela Oscar Laborde With Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro
Argentine Ambassador to Venezuela Oscar Laborde with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Argentina’s decision of justice provoked a series of public statements by the governments of Iran and Venezuela in recent days. in that respect, Deputy Gerardo Millman requested today that a special session be held in the Chamber of Deputies To process various requests for reports on the aircraft.

Today the Argentine ambassador to Venezuela joined the demands of foreign officials, Oscar Labordaywho believed that the plane “Fairly he’s kidnapped” in Eziza and questioned the seizure order stating that “sense of injustice towards the people of venezuela,

,It is clear that justice is intended, that many people are suffering from it and that it is an operation of an opponent of the ‘popular sector’.“, he said in an interview with AM 750, And he complained that 19 of the plane’s crew members are still in the country “without apparently reprimanding them.”

However, Villena determined that the five crew members have solid indications to retain: Pilots Gholmareza Ghasemi, Abdolbaset Mohamedi, and three Venezuelans: Victor Perez Gómez (General Manager of Operations), Mario Arraga Urdaneta, and mechanic Jose García Contreras. The judge also detained two other Iranians, Saeed Wali Zadeh and Mohammad Khosraviragh, until the translation of the phone tests was completed.

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That decision was appealed by prosecutor Cecilia Incardona and the defense counsel for the crew members, and ended up in the Federal Chamber of La Plata.

Incardona appealed, arguing that there are still pending test measures that could change the status of the crew. However, that opinion is signed by prosecutor Sergio Molla, the other prosecutor for Lomas de Zamora, who is collaborating with Diego Luciani in the public works trial, as Incardona was on vacation.

Because of her appeal, lncardona received harsh questions from the president of the Chavista National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, who regarded him as a “thief” and stated that “the same day he signed the monstrosity (due to the appeal) he visited United The embassies of the states.” And that of Israel. As Infobae knew, these meetings never happened.

The Chamber of La Plata, the direct superior of Villenea, should also define the status of the aircraft after the appeal of Emtrasure.

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