Venezuelans are with Maria Corina, not with those sold into the hands of the regime

Venezuelans are with Maria Corina, not with those sold into the hands of the regime

The political situation that is being entered into, with certain actions not in line with the Constitution, without respect for laws and without the impartiality of competent organizations, is abnormal and does not allow the country to move forward in the right way, said Hugo Mestre. Is. Leader Guyanese politician.

The whole country is with Maria Corina, and they are waiting for instructions because she is the leader who determines what actions will be taken, and they are sure that there will be a clean election and for this purpose they are working 600 K so that no one gives up, and the votes that are to be received are counted in cash.

“We are not going to accept situations that are against the Constitution and respect the laws with impartiality”

Already in the electoral campaign, they know that situations will arise that they have not yet seen, because the PSUV, as well as the group of representatives supporting the regime, where there are “all kinds of bugs”, on the date of the elections Were arguing. Where the representative of AD (not elected), Bernabé Gutiérrez was the most uncontrolled and who wanted to impose a national date like July 5 to hold elections, and which became a disastrous history for democratic action and for people who believe in democracy.

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“He becomes a slave, and so on, of all those who interfered in one way or the other, ignoring what the people did, to elect a candidate with more than two and a half lakh votes with ninety percent of the voters By choosing.”

This is something unusual and unprecedented, but that’s how things are in politics and some people even say that politics is dirty, no, there are dirty people in politics too, because politics is a place for humans to be inspired and follow their dreams. There is an extraordinary art of making it come true. Liberation of the people, and a country where growth can be seen, where people think that their country is the one that gives them the greatest opportunity to grow, and benefit its residents.

Those characters who are in that prop assembly, because like the President they find themselves with a catastrophic weakness, with only ten percent acceptability, they know that since the money will be distributed by the regime, they were there “as a Like the “crocodile at the mouth of the pipe” or there was Baba and his forty thieves, and that’s what they looked like, the Mestre demurred.

But according to the Guyanese leader, he said, what they don’t know is that these people know a lot and they are ready to overcome any situation that comes their way.

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Maria Corina ran a campaign in which no leader was paid half the salary, and this was a spontaneous act on the part of all her followers, which was felt in the soul, because we have left our country in the hands of those leftists and profiteering politicians. Are getting lost.

“Maria Corina is the one who can liberate this country, bring about reforms, give people dreams and put the country back on the path of development, because we Venezuelans want our children back And come back en masse as they left.” To contribute to the recovery of the country, because a lot still needs to be done,” Mestre said.

Most Venezuelans remember and want Venezuela to remain as it was before, with governments that left important tasks for their nation.

We should point out the problem of freedom and democracy in the country, but they ruined it, corrupted it to scandalous levels, whereas before Venezuela was a country that welcomed Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians and all kinds of people with open arms. Was welcoming. From South America like Colombians, Bolivians, Peruvians, Ecuadorians, Argentines, Brazilians, Chinese, from all over the world.

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“We received them because it is our specialty, because the works that were created required hands to work for commerce, and all this happens when Venezuelans appear in such conditions in countries that we Hurt Venezuelans,” he said. master.

María Corina is an intelligent woman, one of the beings best prepared for the presidency of the Republic and every time she appears, one feels proud as a Venezuelan and Feels the speech, the efforts she tries to give back to Venezuelan democracy, respect for the constitution and laws, and it can be okay

The congregations choosing a temporary election date are disloyal to their country and to the Venezuelans, who are starving or dying because they have no medical services to care for them, in addition to not being the original congregation making them unpopular. found. Vote. But it was imposed by the government.

Finally, he called for consideration of the many people who are involved there, whom I know, but who deserve the contempt of the people, and when María Corina is President of the Republic, the same people will collect it, And they do it behind their backs, he concluded, the backs of Venezuelans, people don’t forget.


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