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Veronica Kangemi and Gustavo Grobokopatel: how they merged their two worlds and how they found a strong link in music

They met four years ago and were able to easily put together two worlds that seemed so different. He, Veronica Kangemiis an internationally recognized and acclaimed opera singer and she, Gustavo Grobokopatel, He is an agricultural engineer, businessman and is known as the “King of Soybeans”. Today they live between Buenos Aires and Colonia and have produced just one musical work that can now be heard on all digital platforms. it was conceived and recorded in an epidemic and it is called between the worlds, in dialogue CountryKangemi and Grobokopatel explain how the project was born and grew, which they plan to present live in Mendoza, possibly at the next harvest festival, and detail how they met and fell in love.

Between Two Worlds is a very suggestive title…

Gustavo Grobokoptel :-We liked the title because it reflects the idea of ​​a fusion between the worlds of classical and popular, chamber music and folklore. A lyrical sound with more popular. We want to integrate something to generate a new product that is a little bit of everything.

Is this the first time you’re recording together?

Veronica Kangemi :-Yes, Gustavo composed folk songs throughout his career and has been singing for thirty years. In addition to being number one in the business world, it has a group called Cruz del Sur. His artistic part is perhaps lesser known but very interesting. He is an explorer, inquisitive, always listening to new people. And I’m the granddaughter of musician Hilario Cuadros, but almost everyone in my family is also a lyrical singer, an opera singer, a tango singer, a folk singer. It had been years since I sang folklore since I devoted myself to opera, and in a pandemic we began to develop this project, which gave us a very special, wonderful and hopeful moment for ourselves. Kept, because music was what kept us in communication day after day, engaged and watching how we managed to unite two completely different worlds.

Grobokoptel :-We started listening to kuyo music. Vero is so Mendoza, he needs a daily dose of Radio Nihuil or some tune, and we thought of doing something. We told Joaquín Guevara and Emilio Cucciarelli, nephews of Vero, two very talented young musicians from Mendoza, who arranged for the aesthetic of the union of the world and with a new sound. We studied, much more than me because the bar was too high. And so we were there for several months and we went to Mendoza to record as soon as the pandemic broke out. Now you can listen to it on all digital platforms. The idea is to introduce it at the time of harvest next February.

-Veronica, you’ve toured the world and you continue to sing on stage with some of the most iconic directors. How did you get your first chance to show what you do?

Kangemi :-When I was very young, my mother enrolled me in a competition called the Buenos Aires Music Festival. I won the first prize and went to study in London. Six months passed and a German teacher suggested that I study in Germany and prepared me for a year for a competition in Barcelona. I won the first prize again and this is where my wonderful career began, which requires a lot of dedication, a lot of study, passion and desire. But I never gave up on my roots and I was never an Argentine who left in anger, on the contrary, I am proud to be able to show that an Argentine can travel the world making music.

-Gustavo, you are a recognized businessman and also an artist, what are the prejudices?

I started singing in high school, I studied with Lucia Maranca for many years, but I never introduced myself, I was like a perpetual student. Later I began singing publicly and also with the group Cruz del Sur, with whom we released three albums. I’ve always had that double life, which to me is only one. And yes, there’s always a preconceived notion: ‘Wow, look, this guy must sing because he pays, because of his relationships, because of the power.’ Then, in the second stage, there is genuine interest. And there are businessmen who approach me and say to me: ‘Gustavo, you did what I wanted to do, I loved playing the piano or guitar but my parents wanted me to study law or law.’ As an entrepreneur I feel I have something in common as an artist. I am curious, innovative, creative as an entrepreneur and I think it has to do with music as well. Any entrepreneur in the world today requires a lot of artistic thinking. That’s why I maintain that artistic education needs to return to secondary school in order to ignite that idea in young people.

Kangemi :-It’s nice to be next to a person who understands what an artist is and who is also an artist. Although he works in the business world, there is hardly any person who has so much culture of our country music.

After a chamber concert given by businessman and composer, Gustavo Grobokopatel and Veronica Kangemi met in Mendoza.
After a chamber concert given by businessman and composer, Gustavo Grobokopatel and Veronica Kangemi met in Mendoza.Diego Spivaco / AFV

-How did you meet?

Kangemi :-Gustavo was going to give a chamber music festival in Mendoza and he called me long ago to invite me. When he told me he was a singer who sings, I said no, because I came from singing in Paris and didn’t have time. This was prejudice. I decided not to go, but I forgot about the day of the concert and called to find out how it went. He told me it was the next day, he asked me to leave and that’s where I met him. I was impressed by their culture and especially by their training with their teacher Maranka.

Grobokoptel :-In short, Veronica went to concerts and she liked it and everything. That’s where the famous phrase came from: love is blind and deaf (laughs).

Kangemi :-He went to Buenos Aires, I went to Europe to sing, and a month later we met again and never parted again. We have been together for four years and we have lived in Colonia (Uruguay) for three.

Grobokoptel :-With Vero I am very much involved in the world of opera and music in general. I’ve always admired Qio music and it seems to me to be the most sophisticated of popular music. The album brings together traditional writers and composers such as Hilario Cuadros, Felix Dardo Palorma, Tito Francia, Oscar Wallace and Negro Villavicencio. There are ten compositions, a small sample of the extraordinary world that is kyo music, which has preserved respect for its roots and forms.

Veronica Kangemi will sing at the Teatro Colón on 21 August and then travel with her partner to Europe, where she will spend a season at the Vienna Opera.
Veronica Kangemi will sing at the Teatro Colón on 21 August and then travel with her partner to Europe, where she will spend a season at the Vienna Opera. Diego Spivaco / AFV

– What projects do you have?

Kangemi :-On August 21st I sing at the Teatro Colón. Then I go to Peru and then I have a season at the Vienna Opera, and Gustavo will be able to accompany me. We are with each other and for an artist that is very important. I am happy, at this age, to say: ‘It is nice that we are with each other because we can share our passion and enjoy it’. And as part of the Köln staff I have a project to take the opera out of the theater and place it close to the people, in the neighborhood, in squares. project is called opera on the way And it’s being done by Teatro Colon.

Grobokoptel :-And I want to do an Argentine chamber music concert in October. I’m going to sing poems by Jorge Luis Borges, Leon Benaros, Oliverio Girondo, Daniel DeVotto and Gabriella Mistral.

He achieved the goal of joining the two worlds…

Kangemi :-I learn from the business world, because I love management too, and it’s my way of interacting with Gustavo in his world.

Grobokoptel :-Artists have a different emotionality and I tend to pivot between the business world, the more rational, and the artistic world, which is pure emotion. It is easy for me to move from one world to another, I feel comfortable and the world helps each other, they are not contradictory. I believe society lacks more scientists and artists who think like businessmen and more business people who think like artists.

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