Veronica Lozano takes over the leadership of A la Barbarossa after a strong conflict between Nancy Pazos and Leo Pecorro: what happened

Veronica Lozano takes over the leadership of A la Barbarossa after a strong conflict between Nancy Pazos and Leo Pecorro: what happened

Georgina Barbarossa is absent from his chakra”a la barbarosa“(telef) and today it was changed to Veronica LozanoAs per the information shared by Joe Mariana Breucame to calm the tension between Pecoro Mess You Nancy Pazos,

panelists”show partner“(El Tres) said this Wednesday that amid the constant friction in the air House You PekoroThe channel officials were inconvenienced and for this reason it was called true lozano To replace, to replace, to substitute: “They had to call her immediately, because the person who was left behind, which was Nancy Pazos, killed herself along with Leo Pecorro,

Breu I confirm that jumbled up You Nancy “They practically can’t live together” and their disagreement was so exposed on screen that she had to walk down the floor to management and say: ‘That’s it, we’re done here'”. mariana Added: “Therefore, the next day, It was decided that whoever is in charge of the leadership should be someone from the channel and they chose Vero Lozano.,

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Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lusich recalled that Georgina while in the midst of a critical health condition Mariana Breu revealed what had happened among his panelists: “What do the panelists gain by fighting when the driver is ill? Find the ego. Fighting to see who speaks more, who asks better questions,

Georgina Barbarossa was absent from her show on Telefe and worried about her health

yesterday, after two days of absence Georgina Barbarossa In his program on Telefe, “a la barbarosa“, on the morning of Tuesday, August 9, Nancy Pazos He took the floor and said: “Good morning. Here we are, stop banking. Georgie is doing some tests, but he’s coming back“. Then Leo Pecorro said:”A big kiss, Georgie was also recovering yesterday,

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A La Barbarosa

,We make every effort to survive this program and for now we are alive“, Pazos continued. “I don’t think so. We are doing everything we can to ruin your show. And we’re going to have him destroy Georgi”, joked Paulo Cablan. do it. We are still undefeated,” Pazos closed.

In turn, on Monday, August 8 at night”lam, (America TV) reported that Georgina Barbarossa’s absence from their show was due to a severe headache. “Georgina kept him, what happened?”, she asked. Brito’s messenger, “He’s already had a headache since Thursday and it’s like working, he wanted to do the program but he felt dizzy”Explained Fernanda Iglesias,

What Happens Between Georgina Barbarossa and Her Production

Georgina Barbarossa I am not entirely happy with what he does.”a la barbarosa“(The Telef) And despite the fact that he would have said this, the production of Chakra would not have intended to change the format.

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Information shared through the official account of “lam“(America TV) a few days ago, in which he said that”Georgina doesn’t want to police“, but their request was denied because these subjects perform “very well” in terms of ratings and for that reason they should be continued.”The program was quickly established, led the morning and removed El Trese.“, conveys the story of @elejercitodelam.

Georgina Barbarossa'S Conflict With Telefe

He also revealed the disappointment he experienced barbarossa Before starting the cycle this Monday: “Yesterday Georgina dressed up as Pachamama to start the program. The production sent him to replace and he started with the police. Georgina is hot, she took off her dress,


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