Veronica Vieira recounts her love story with a lawyer ten years younger: Crushes and assembled families

Away from Silvestre’s controversial statements, the actress told her love story with Claudio Sobredo

many years, Veronica Vieira settled in his native province, Entre Ríos, and Love had an unexpected crush in the city of Gualaguechu in 2014 that lasted through time, Despite his low profile, he recently gave an interview where he did not avoid any questions regarding his personal life. When asked about her ex-husband, she also replied, sylvestre -with whom he had two daughters- after his controversial statements during their time together PH, can we talk (telephone).

chat comfortably with happy Mothers (UCL TV) said he is currently producing theater shows for children, and is enjoying a pleasantly emotional presence. “As for Silvestre, do you feel any responsibility or do you think you did a good job with the girls?” Journalist Andrea Chiarello wanted to know, taking into account the sharp statements of the singer.

“I guess I did what I thought I needed to do as a mom”, he said firmly. further deepened: “When I got pregnant and decided to have my own daughters, I took a responsibility with them: They were going to get something to eat, they were going to study, they were going to get their clothes. He clarified his position in this regard The absence of her ex-husband in the lives of Camilla and McCarren: “There was no judgment whether another person did it or not; it’s great if it does, but otherwise I knew it was a responsibility I wanted to shoulder.”

Veronica Vieira with her partner Claudio Sobrado, whom she met in 2014
Veronica Vieira with her partner Claudio Sobrado, whom she met in 2014

“If my daughters wanted to go to a school I couldn’t afford, or wanted to study English, I tried to teach them,” she remarked. “I assumed that from the day I got pregnant, in a very personal way, knowing that I was bringing two little people into the world, and wherever I was, even on a mattress, They will be, because that’s what my dad taught us,” he sentenced. it should be remembered that The singer confessed to PH that she had no relationship with any of her six biological children.: “I feel like I’ve done my homework, I’ve already forgiven and I hope they are great and I hope they play their part.”

“It’s not easy that at 60 they leave you naked, your whole life’s work, that from one day to the next you’ll be on the street, And everyone’s collusion. It’s not easy to forgive, one thing is out of mouth, the other is something that hurts you,” he said, pointing to the conflicts he had with his former partners. Vieira and Silvestre were together for 14 years and in 2010 they confirmed their breakup.

Met the actress after four years Claudio SobredoA lawyer with whom she felt an immediate connection. “I’ve been in a relationship for eight years”, revealed during a conversation with Chiarello, who replied: “And is this the love of your life?” Laughing, Veronica replied: “And what do you think?”, and then added: “The truth is that It’s the love of people you fantasize about, you dream, but you don’t think it happens, a healthy, calm love and that’s a great partner”,

Some of the postcards that the actress shares with her partner on her Instagram account
Some of the postcards that the actress shares with her partner on her Instagram account

He also related the intuition he had seen for the first time, at a time when he had least imagined himself to be a new love opportunity. “I was having a cup of tea with a friend, it was a Saturday night and when we were doing a theater production, I was jogging and not getting ready”, narrated. And she continued: “That’s when my daughter called me, and asked me to go to the carnival, that she’d got some little clothes to go on, and we were just like, sleepover type; but she convinced me And off we go.”

“We go up a few steps and as I’m walking down, I see a bald man from behind and I say to my friend: ‘This is the love of my life'”, he remarked, and clarified that he did not even know his face when he made such a statement. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw it from the front; it was very nice, He had big eyes, and I said: ‘Oh my God’; I was like a fool, kept silent, laughed without knowing what to say”, he elaborated. That day the lawyer asked her friend for Vieira’s phone number, but the actress asked him not to give it to her, trusting that they would meet again in person at some other occasion.

The actress said that the lawyer is also a father, and together they made a big family
The actress said that the lawyer is also a father, and together they made a big family

“About two weeks later we met again at the carnival,” he said, and from that second meeting they no longer parted ways. “There’s a different one at the moment, maybe he’s ten years younger than me”, he expressed as though he was tempted to laugh. He joked about the ending: “First they were ten years with little girls and now we’re with little boys”, He also revealed that the lawyer is also the father of a previous relationship, and they made a big assembled familyA: “We’re a lot! But we go and organize with kids, grandchildren, and their friends.”

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