Vica Andrade: 3 photos on Instagram where her curly hair made us fall in love

Vica Andrade: 3 photos on Instagram where her curly hair made us fall in love

For several months now, we have witnessed the great presence of Instagram the driver Vica Andrade that despite moving away from entertainment in Mexico Over the years, he has become a popular figure within social networks, of which Instagram is his favorite because he shares his more than 100 thousand followers his lifestyle attached to NATURE but what defines him is his style bohochic which starred in its unique chinese hair.

According to fashion experts, the style bohochic It has bohemian roots and is associated with freedom and creativity appreciate the connection with nature and loose clothing with unique prints, but Vica Andrade takes this style to the next level thanks to this chinese hair, because it evokes this feeling of freedom and carefree, adding a real and relaxed touch to your style. In this way, the hair de Vica has become one of his signs on social networks, making his followers fall in love with every photo.

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The style bohochic where Vica Andrade made her followers fall in love

she bohochic shows a relaxed attitude and indifferent to fashion and life in general, so it is a sought-after style FREEDOM and personal expression; In the same way, they are used natural materials such as cotton, linen, leather, suede and silk and these materials are combined with fabrics such as lace, crochet, fringes and hand knits. This is how we can clearly see that style that is reflected in the personality of Vica Andrade who enjoy using loose clothes and made of elastic and comfortable materials, ideal for walking in the forest.

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An example of this is this picture shared on his Instagram account, where he can be seen enjoying the sunny day while swinging; but in addition to beautiful pink dress where he conquered the network, his unique Chinese hair This stole the sigh of the fans, because the host showed that he did not feel complicated about her Man knocking everyone down stereotypes who are around this type of hair and fill their followers with confidence so they can do it take your hair in the wind shamelessly.