Victim of fire in chile

victim of fire in chile

Chile is going through one of its most difficult moments. That country’s government described the fires in Viña del Mar and the communes of Quilpué as one of the worst tragedies since the 2010 earthquake. According to that country, the death toll has reached more than 120.

Residents of the city of Viña del Mar and the Quilpué commune watched as these areas of Chile turned into ashes. Reported figures suggest that 15,000 houses were victims of the fire. Meanwhile, people visited their homes to try to recover what was left, as they had lost everything.

At present, there are shelters for the victims. Additionally, officials are reviewing the affected areas; To identify the dead and conduct an investigation to determine the possible causes of the fire. Initial assessments make it clear that there will be evidence that some of the fires were set.

Regarding the fire, President Gabriel Boric himself has spoken out and demanded that “all information” necessary to determine what caused the fire be collected. For the head of state, “It is difficult to imagine that such sad and heartless people could be capable of causing so much death and pain.”

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Borrick made it clear that if there were criminals, he would do everything possible to find them. “They will not only have to face the disapproval of the entire society, but will also have to bear the full burden of the law.”

The size of these fires and their rapid spread are what worries Chileans the most. This prevented citizens from reacting quickly and avoiding the impending tragedy.

“Those who are not in shelters do not get any kind of help”: Colombian victim of fire in Chile

Gloria Grajales, a Colombian living in Chile who lost everything in the fire, was on Caracol Radio. The woman told how this tragedy was for her and her family. Gloria concluded the interview by saying that she left Colombia to flee violence and seek a better future, but the flames took away everything she had achieved.

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The mother, the head of the household, said she, the neighbors and their children could not imagine what could happen in a matter of minutes. “I live in Viña del Mar. The fire reportedly broke out in the forest and is very far from where I live. I live in a residential area. That means not in attacks. Because of this we were calm. I was still working when all this happened. “I can’t imagine what my two children at home went through.”

Gloria explained that, while she was working, her 15-year-old son called her to tell her what was happening. Amidst the despair, the minor decided to activate the protocol with his mother and autistic younger brother to evacuate if an earthquake occurred. So, he quickly picked up some things and left the house to go to a safe place with his younger brother. Due to this reaction, the lives of both the youth were saved. However, he was unable to obtain a passport.

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The woman indicated that her home was destroyed and all the efforts and work she had done over the years for her quality of life disappeared within minutes. His house has now been reduced to rubble. He even found his dog’s ashes.

On the other hand, he explained that he has the support of other Colombians living in that country and it is they who are providing him with a temporary home. Therefore, they have not resorted to shelters set up by the government. However, he said that for this reason he does not receive help from Chile.


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